Hold me – dir. Katya Tsarik (Korol)

Original Film Title: Hold me

Directors Name: Katya Tsarik (Korol)

Writers Name: Katya Tsarik (Korol)

Producers: Ivanna Diadiura

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Country of Filming: Ukraine

Language: Ukrainian

Runtime: 23 minutes 39 seconds

Film Description: 

Worse than being lonely is to be lonely next to someone you love…
Waking up one morning, the young woman feels deep loneliness, which can only be dispelled by the embrace of her beloved husband. Not receiving it, she runs away from home for a day.
Leaving her own problem unspoken in front of the real-life dramas she wanders around the city ready to be embraced by any stranger she meets. That stranger turns out to be her ex-lover whom she hasn’t seen for a long time…

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