KNOCK-Part I- dir. Marcel Zyskind

Original Film Title: KNOCK-Part I

Directors Name: Marcel Zyskind

Writers Name: Marcel Zyskind

Producer: Edward King

Country of Origin: Denmark

Country of Filming: Denmark

Runtime: 4 minutes 3 seconds

Film Description: 

A dance piece directed by Marcel Zyskind and featuring Maria Kochetkova performing choreography by Sebastian Kloborg. The title and musical inspiration draw from Kronos Quartet’s “Knock” written in 2016 by Joan Jeanrenaud for Kronos’ 50 for the Future.

Shot on an early summer morning of 2020 on 35mm film with an old Russian camera (Konvas 2M) with just enough film for one full take for the dance sequence, this performance was as close to a live show as the team could get.

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