kintsugi – dir. Henry Gates

Original Film Title: kintsugi

Directors Name: Henry Gates

Writers Name: Pamela Rodriguez

Country of Origin: Peru

Country of Filming: Peru

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 4 minutes 6 seconds

Film Description: 

‘Kintsugi’ is an ancient Japanese technique that consists of repairing broken pieces of ceramic by gluing them together with gold, thus they become very valuable objects and more beautiful than before. The song draws the analogy between the broken ceramics and wounds suffered to our body and soul.

In September 2019, after publishing the song “kintsugi”, Pamela Rodriguez invited her online community to collaborate in the making of a video, where each contributor had to send a photo or video, that represented a wound they had suffered.
Now they have all been brought together into one work, like the pieces of a Kintsugi vessel, welded together with gold thanks to the music.
The production of the video took a whole year and was released on 7th September 2020.

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