Good Fengshui – dir. Yurong Xu

Original Film Title: 风水宝地

English Film Title: Good Fengshui

Directors Name: Yurong Xu

Writers Name: Yurong Xu

Producers: Lily Wang

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 14 minutes 54 seconds

Film Description: 

What is the impact of the deceased on the living person? Even if there is no bondage of ghosts and spirits, it would always unconsciously affect the deep inside of one’s heart who is associated with the deceased. No matter what kind of emotion it is, you would never be able to express it directly to him or her. Where are those deceased? And what will they do? Perhaps they are also influencing us in their own ways, turned into a piece of ashes to get close to you, or turned into a tree staring at you, or even turned into a piece of stone that tripped you over accidentally when you walk…The film unfolded by narrating the literal and potential meanings of ” The Precious Land with Good Feng Shui “, established a connection among Yin,Yang, time and space by earthquakes, presenting the deceased father to his son as a normal living person. In fact, it may be an illusion brought by an unusual breeze. The son had gone back to collect all the valuables, but he didn’t expect that his father had already left and wrote a death note and left everything to him. And all this looks like planned by his father, and his bond with his deceased father is getting deeper and deeper.

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