Bi-2 — God of the Jilted – dir. Vladimir Besedin

Original Film Title: Би-2 — Бог проклятых

English Film Title: Bi-2 — God of the Jilted

Directors Name: Vladimir Besedin

Writers Name: Vladimir Besedin

Producers: Vitaly Kapitonov, Kirill Borisov, Lev Agarkov

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Country of Filming: Russian Federation

Language: Russian

Runtime: 3 minutes 43 seconds

Film Description: 
A person deprived of love can become a monster is the main idea of the video. This is the story of the ugly duckling. But unlike Andersen’s fairy tale, where the hero’s suffering is rewarded and he becomes a beautiful swan, there is no happy ending here – revenge follows the insults.

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