Where We Grew Old – dir. & DOP Cam Roden

Original Film Title: Where We Grew Old

Directors Name: Cam Roden

Writer: Cam Roden

Director of Photography: Cam Roden

Producer: Caroline Torti

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Language: English

Runtime: 2 minutes 24 seconds

Film Description: 

This short explores the idea of what physical spaces mean to us, specifically childhood homes.

How we hold memories and feelings for what amounts to space and square footage. For most people it’s the memories tied to the space and what took place within the walls. Going through
this process and exploring this theme really made the Director think and become content with letting go of the physical.

Although the physical space represents so much of what our feelings are tied to; it is still just an empty space at the end of the day, a vehicle for our lives to take place within as opposed to define what we derive meaning from.

Exploring these spaces, the static nature of the camera becomes part of the house, part of the walls. The dancer’s movement becomes this attempt to escape these feelings of attachment,
being confined to a space and wanting to separate herself from it both physically and emotionally.

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