VULTURES – dir. Claudio Borrelli

Original Film Title: Urubus

English Film Title: VULTURES

Directors Name: Claudio Borrelli

Writers Name: Claudio Borrelli, Mercedes Gameiro, Djan Ivson

Producer: Julia Tavares, Claudio Borrelli

Country of Origin: Brazil

Country of Filming: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 1 hour 53 minutes 13 seconds

Film Description: 

São Paulo. In the fourth largest city in the world, where street art covers more walls and buildings than anywhere else on earth, Trinchas commands a gang of “pichadores” (graffiti taggers) that climbs very tall buildings only to sign their names up there.
When Trinchas meets Valeria – an art graduate student -, their worlds collide, resulting in the invasion of the 28th São Paulo Biennial. From that moment on, both of them need to deal with the consequences of it.

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