The Kinjiku – dir. Jeff Johnson

Original Film Title: The Kinjiku

Directors Name: Jeff Johnson

Writers Name: Jeff Johnson

Producer: Thomas Hildreth, Mark Harris

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 13 minutes 20 seconds

Film Description: 

An investigative journalist is on the verge of breaking the story of his career, and all he needs is a single interview to give the article wings. The Kinjiku is the most exclusive bar in the world and ground zero for a burgeoning black market stock exchange. More than four trillion US dollars move through the underworld annually, and The Kinjiku is where colossal deals are made, where desperate futures are modeled, and where elite shadows and apex kingpins cross pollinate. The New York Stock Exchange began in the Tontine Coffee House on the corner of Wall Street and Water, and underwriters, traffickers, slave traders and politicians wrote an American rule book for supply and demand that would domino through time. The Kinjiku is much the same, though much can be made of a menu. The Tontine served black coffee and spirits to fire the trading. The Kinjiku is the speakeasy answer to molecular gastronomy and serves rare whiskies and liquors microdosed with select toxins engineered to produce a variety of unique highs. Every glass comes with a bullet you’re meant to swallow like a vitamin.