SAPIENS – dir. Francisco Palacios Reyes

Original Film Title: SAPIENS

Directors Name: Francisco Palacios Reyes

Writers Name: Francisco Palacios Reyes

Producer: Francisco Palacios Reyes

Country of Origin: Chile

Country of Filming: Chile

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 6 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description: 

“Sapiens” show’s us a representations of present and future time overlap to show the impacts and possible consequences of ignorant and aggressive human conduct.
Concepts around consumerism, waste, disposables, a planet which is dirty and destroyed, are all highlighted in a manner in which the short manifests a critique of the modern world, expressing the indignation towards it, with the purpose of reporting immoral situations which have become unsustainable over time.
A mother and father arrive at the woods, ready for a tranquil afternoon, a picnic scene depicting family time and sharing with one another, with the intention of portraying today’s society and symbolizing a simple way of living. Their child, an innocent girl who builds a tent and spends her time drawing, symbolizes de future, the innocence of ideas or vitality of ideals and hope.
What´s meant to be a relaxing time with the family, soon takes an aggressive turn, where the image of a camouflaged hunter appears within the woods, coming to show the normalization of aggressiveness, the destruction of ideals and hope, man who is numbed by the basic stimuli and constant consumerism.
Industries that are killing our ecosystems, man consuming without thinking of the consequences yet to come, ignorance and aggression. The hunter is the destruction of our future generations, by simply, yet firmly, pulling the trigger.
Nevertheless, a message of hope is brought forth, we must know that destiny is in our hands, you just have to wake up, become conscious.

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