Sandcastles – dir. Sabine Bou Jaoude

Original Film Title: Sandcastles

Directors Name: Sabine Bou Jaoude

Writers Name: Sabine Bou Jaoude

Producer: Elyssa Bou Younes, Georgette El Kareh

Country of Origin: Lebanon

Country of Filming: Lebanon

Language: Arabic

Runtime: 24 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description: 

Sandcastles is a short narrative drama set in a small town neighbouring Beirut, Lebanon. A young woman from a modest family, Samar, navigates her daily life through a patriarchal society whilst trying to find a better future for herself. One fateful night after trying to get back home from work, she takes a public cab home. The disturbing events of that night push her to take the decision to want to leave. But will she get to, amidst a heightened sensitive political climate?

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