Panem et Circenses – dir. Sofi

Original Film Title: Panem et Circenses

Directors Name: sofi

Writers Name: sofi

Producer: gizem albohayre

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: Turkey

Language: English

Runtime: 4 minutes 8 seconds

Film Description: 

Named after ancient Roman poet Juvenal’s famous phrase “Breads and Circuses”, Panem Et Circenses focuses on the collective suffering of being limited by conceptual boundaries, which suppress a being’s uniqueness, creativity, and sought self fulfillment. Inside a metaphorical universe, which is inspired by an aquarium, original characters depict their individual journeys in life, accompanied with a goldfish’s tale of seeking a way out his habitat that is togged up with distractive ornaments. As each character tries to realize themselves in fashion, choreography, emotions and identity, the goldfish simultaneously continues his journey as an element that reflects their collective dreams, hardships, joys and disappointments.

Having created and developed by a team of volunteers, Panem Et Circenses aims to express the will to embrace and lead change and transformation under challenging circumstances, while leveraging the power of being unique and acting collective to overcome social, economical and political challenges.

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