Nana’s Bridge – dir. Chili Chang

Original Film Title: Nana’s Bridge

Directors Name: Chili Chang

Writers Name: Chili Chang, Anpu

Producer: Edison Wu

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Taiwan

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 13 minutes 29 seconds

Film Description: 

“My grandma has always told me: The only way to prevail over violence on earth, is through understanding it’s essence.”

The artist ANPU told us her ambition with this song: Nana’s Bridge. “The song almost sounded like an old lullaby which sang by a grandma to put babies into sleep; but when you listen to it multiple times, you’ll figure the true essence of it: which is an endless war story that happened between us since the birth of mankind.”

The story was told through a boy’s journey. There was a dangerous beast live in the boy’s home, the beast was always furious about everything in the world. The boy had no choice but to be sent by his mother to live with his grandma. His grandma would read him stories from her little black book, which tells knowledge of all the beasts on earth. So did the boy eventually learnt the knowledge to prevail over the beast, thus sent him back to his toddler’s form. Years passed, the grown up boy is wound up now sleepwalking in the wild forest. He sniffs his way back to the source of his past traumas, face it once again as an adult. He purged his past along with his one last match. The waken man walked into the wild forest once again consciously, when all those beasts awaits him to join them in the dark.

We don’t know how this man would end up with, but everyone has a choice. Most importantly, the love was always there if we would just open our eyes.

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