Life is a two-way dream – dir. Gjert Rognli

Original Film Title: Eallin lea guovttesuorat niehku

English Film Title: Life is a two-way dream

Directors Name: Gjert Rognli

Writers Name: Gjert Rognli

Producer: Gjert Rognli

Country of Origin: Norway

Country of Filming: Norway

Language: Norwegian

Runtime: 8 minutes

Film Description: 

The film “Eallin lea guovtte suorat niehku — Life is a two-way dream” shows the way in a world undergoing rapid change, with polarisation and globalisation going in many directions. We are in an age marked by adoration of youth, fixation on the present and extreme individualism. What we do today will affect the way people live in the future. The wisdom from the shaman’s worldview from the old Sami religion helps weave together another interpretation and story.

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