INSIDE PRORA – dir. Nico Weber

Original Film Title: INSIDE PRORA

Directors Name: Nico Weber

Writers Name: Nico Weber

Producer: NOW Collective GmbH & CO.KG, Nico Weber, Jörg Leine

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: English, German, Italian

Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes

Film Description: 

The ‘Monster by the Sea’, the ‘Colossus of Rugen’: Prora is considered the longest building in the world. Hitler’s own idea, built in the Third Reich, after the War converted to one of the largest barracks in the GDR, an abandoned site for many years following Germany’s reunification. Now, hotels and holiday homes are coming up, Capitalism rules. INSIDE PRORA tells more than only the story of these historic transformations from Hitler via Honecker and the Cold War up it feels its way through this gigantic labyrinth, unfolding the historic layers and establishing unexpected connections of people and societies with modernist architecture and the phenomenon of mass tourism. The film takes us on a journey through time and space – and yet, always travels back to Prora.

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