All alone – dir. Aleksandras Brokas

Original Film Title: All alone

Directors Name: Aleksandras Brokas

Writers Name: Aleksandras Brokas

Producer: Aleksandras Brokas

Country of Filming: Lithuania

Language: English

Runtime: 3 minutes 50 seconds

Film Description: 

Alanas Chosnau, Mark Reeder – All Alone (Single Mix)

We have all felt that sense of loss. That feeling of emptiness. The feeling we made a mistake and now the damage is irreparable, or maybe it was something that was quite beyond your control.
Alanas finds himself All Alone, desparate and in need.
Suddenly, there is a feeling of being the last man on Earth.
Where has everybody gone? Every day seems the same, boring, monotonous.
It leaves him to pose the question, is there anyone out there who feels just like me?
We had initally intended an entirely different visual concept for the All Alone video, but due to the confinement of the coronavirus, we had to adapt to our new situation and film it during the lockdown in Lithuania.

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