7OD – dir. Everon Jackson Hooi

Original Film Title: 7OD

Directors Name: Everon Jackson Hooi

Writers Name: Ali Fardi

Producer: Marco van Kallen, Stefan van Gils, Aysu Badar

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Runtime: 14 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description: 

Looking for his girlfriend, Mikhael ends up in a hospital that uses extreme methods.

None other than Pierre Bokma plays the sly medical director of a private hospital using unorthodox methods. ‘Religion is a disease and we’re going to cure you’, he preaches to the newly arrived Mikhael. Mikhael thinks of the girlfriend he lost. They were in love, but religion drove them apart. With this grim mix of science fiction and harsh reality, filmmaker Everon Jackson Hooi, depicts the growing harshness of our society. A divided and fearful society full of dangerous polarisation.

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