Top Row – dir. Karin Argoud

Original Film Title: Top Row

Directors Name: Karin Argoud

Producer: Karin Argoud

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 18 minutes 5 seconds

Film Description:

Every student should have a place in High School where they can be free to be themselves… And for young men growing up in today’s world it is rare, but essential. At Napa High School, in California, a teacher named Travis Rogers has created that place . A place where they can be free of the masculine stereotypes that culture shackles them with to be, ” tough, emotionless, cool.” A place where boys can be sensitive and emotional, and caring without judgment. Step inside what has become the coolest class on campus – the Freshman Mens’ Choir.

The film follows what happens to seventy 14-15 year old freshman boys who can’t sing, when one choir teacher turns them into seasoned choral performers. Imagine 70 teenage boys, from all walks of life, in one class- most have never sung a note in their lives, don’t know how to sing, or, think singing is for sissies. Watch as they compete like athletes on the playing field of chorus risers to take the Top Row, while discovering themselves, and each other, and a love for singing. Their voices will reach into your soul and uplift your heart.