The Anomalous (Series) – dir. Chinedu Omorie

Original Film Title: The Anomalous (Series)

Directors Name: Chinedu Omorie

Writers Name: Richard Odilu, Chuk Otakpor, Tunray Femi, Jesurobo-Owie Gift Imafidon

Producer: Chuk Otakpor, Richard Odilu

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Nigeria

Language: English

Runtime: 52 minutes 29 seconds

Film Description:

Set in Lagos, the Anomalous is a dark erotic television drama that follows the professional practice of two young Psychologists, Dr. Kelenna and Dr. Oluchi, a husband and wife team – and experts in the use of behavioral therapy – at their private clinic as they deal mostly with clients, session after session, in bizarre cases that needs healing and sometimes put their skills on trial. They are not your regular couple and their approach to everything is unorthodox. He is the sugar to her spice and her, the yin to his yang, in business, at work, and at home – especially the bedroom. Their lives seem perfect until their encounters with some of their clients in therapy push them to the fore of their demons and test their love and loyalty.