Love Lies Bleeding – dir. Angel I-Han Teng

Original Film Title: Love Lies Bleeding

Directors Name: Angel I-Han Teng

Writers Name: Angel I-Han Teng

Producer: Angel I-Han Teng, Shan Wu

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: United States

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 15 minutes

Film Description:

It’s been five years Laura hasn’t seen Hattie since they abruptly broke up due to Laura’s betrayal. Visiting Los Angeles for her touring exhibition, Laura grabs the chance to stay in Hattie’s apartment as a reconnection.
They keep a polite and safe distance. They’re like normal old friends while something slowly reveals. Hattie finally unleashes how much pain she’s suffered when she gets drunk in the bar. However, she switches her mood in a flash.
On the last night before Laura’s flight, they talk in the darkness. The pure attraction seems coming back to them. They’re getting closer until they are so close that they cannot resist the desire any more. They make out.
Laura regards sex as a proof of forgiveness. However, Hattie despises Laura for her recurrent cheating. The joy of sex becomes unbearable laceration inside Laura’s body, like a gunshot.

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