Jezebel – dir. Joe Cash

Original Film Title: Jezebel Full Trailer

Directors Name: Joe Cash

Writers Name: Joe Cash

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Runtime: 1 minute

Film Description: 

Full trailer for an upcoming horror film called Jezebel.
It’s about a girl who has had enough of being degraded and treated like an object by both sexes and takes her revenge out with her trusty chainsaw.
This is being filmed during the Coronavirus situation.
Written by Joe Cash.
Directed by Joe Cash.
Starring Phoebe Garner as Jezebel.
The idea behind this is too many horror films take themselves too seriously so this is meant to be a bit campy like some of the cult slashers from the 80s but in a modern style.
This will be the first feature length film by Joe Cash.
The full film will be released this December.

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