Indian Pink – dir. Seewoo Kim

Original Film Title: Indian Pink

Directors Name: Seewoo Kim

Writers Name: Seewoo Kim

Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

Language: Korean

Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes 58 seconds

Film Description: 

Love, intimate and breathless moments
A man successful in every aspect of his life and even graced with a long loving relationship basks in the glory of perfection in every sense of the word until one day the woman of his life leaves him in pursuit of a new life. The man becomes completely displaced and writhes in anguish like a mouse caught in a trap when his perfect life begins to unravel.
Success, the cruel and desperate battle… and the sardonic human nature that underlies it all.
A naked body of a woman falls out of a closet. The veiled truth, known only to the man himself is unfurled piece by piece. The man revisits the past moments of his life to the fragile heartbeat of the unconscious woman but ultimately locks the body back into the closet.

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