We are all on the same bus – dir. Nuno Serrão

Original Film Title: We are all on the same bus 

Directors Name: Nuno Serrão

Writers Name: Nuno Serrão

Producer: urbanistas, Andreia Azevedo, Nuno Barcelos

Country of Origin: Portugal

Country of Filming: Portugal

Language: No

Runtime:  2 min

Film Description: 

We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others. If we consider Einstein’s space-time concept, we end up with an object where everything that happened and everything that will happen, is understood inside. Through it, we are driven by a vehicle, let’s call a bus, completely autonomous, that goes in a single direction, to the front, and has a single window, the rear. This vehicle, astronomer Arthur Eddington called The Arrow of Time. This idea, although depressingly deterministic, is difficult to ignore in view of the already proven plasticity of time, even when we consider Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, where the act of observing something, alters its result. A concept that does not invalidate a deterministic Universe, rather, allows the Interpretation of Many Worlds by Hugh Everett, also known as Multiverse.

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