FOREST DRIVE – dir. and DOP Uma Martinez

Original Film Title: FOREST DRIVE

Directors Name: Uma Martinez

Writers Name: Uma Martinez

DOP: Uma Martinez

Producer: Uma Martinez, Newton Stanford

Country of Origin: South Africa

Country of Filming: South Africa

Language: English

Runtime: 19 min 53 sec

Film Description: 

Amy Finehouse, a suicidal 3rd year arts student, is recovering from a car accident and is guilt-ridden by the fact that she survived whilst two of her friends are dead and a third is in a coma. Through the companionship of her deceased junkie sister (Julia), Amy raises the courage to revisit the crash site in an attempt to recreate the event. Amy purposefully refrains from taking her anti-psychotic medication to face reality more clearly. Julia’s presence lightens the mood of the journey through her mischievous antics and also challenges society’s guardian angel stereotype. Through a series of escalating hallucinations Amy manages to tap into her psyche and come to terms with the root cause of her condition. She escapes death yet again. However, this time she emerges with a different perspective on life and a will to transform. The film explores the torments and chaos of an emotionally unstable individual through surrealistic manifestations. It softens the reality of death by highlighting the insignificance of our individual lives in the wider canvas of life. It also recognises that healing can only come from within and by facing one’s internal demons.

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