Course / a stone’s throw / Void – dir. Daniel Christiaan Human

English Film Title: Course / a stone’s throw / Void

Original Film Title: Verloop / ‘n klip gooi / Leemte

Directors Name: Daniel Christiaan Human

Writers Name: Daniel Christiaan Human

Producer: Louise Malan

Country of Origin: South Africa

Country of Filming: South Africa

Language: Afrikaans

Runtime: 34 min 37 sec

Film Description: 

Conceptualised as a construct. Three different narrative strands, functioning as one filmic event. An exploration of time, dealing with past, present, future, is weaved together with the subtext of life, birth and death. As these events can seldom be separated, so too the narrative strands cannot be separated.


A young woman’s isolated world comes to a dreadful halt as fragmented forces from her past bring misery and suffering. She is faced with a mysterious obelisk which sets in motion disruptions in the time and space she finds herself in. Jonas is taken, taken by time, lost to the young woman who is left in a solitary state in her obscured world.

“a stone’s throw”

A middle-aged man, in search of his identity, finds himself on a peculiar journey through time. Mister Jan encounters a series of strange events, stunned and in awe, he is guided by a mysterious old lady whose non-sensible ramblings propel him forward in time, only to discover his almost unobtainable goal in the end.


Chaos from the outside penetrates the inside, fragile and alone; in anticipation, the future births new images.

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