Yes Climax – dir. Oriane Playner

English Film Title: Yes Climax 

Original Film Title: Oui Jouie

Directors Name: Oriane Playner

Writers Name: Oriane Playner

Producer: Oriane Playner, Angela Ricciardi

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English, French

Runtime: 11 min 2 sec

Film Description: 

One morning, Oriane traverses through her parents closet as she is left home alone. Secretly snooping through her mothers drawers, Oriane stumbles upon intimate objects that spike her interest. Her curiosity leads her to test them on herself. In the depths of exploration, Maman comes home and a confrontation arrises when she finds her misplaced vibrator. 

“Oui Jouie” is a short 16mm narrative film addressing the miseducation around female pleasure and the taboo of sex in the United States. The story depicts the relationship between a girl and her mother as the young daughter explores her own body through sexuality. We follow the main character, Oriane, who confronts her lack of knowledge about masturbation through a series of adventurous discoveries

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