UnderSee – dir. Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater

Original Film Title: UnderSee

Directors Name: Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater

Writers Name: Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater

Producer: Margie Kelk

Country of Origin: Canada

Language: No

Runtime: 7 min 47 sec

Film Description: 

The very existence of Antarctica is now threatened by human activity. I am returning this winter for a second glimpse of the frozen continent, which I passionately hope can be preserved. I am producing drawings inspired by the beauty of Antarctic sea life. I have worked with animator Lynne Slater to finish a stop-motion film which revolves around the destruction produced by human pollution in the marine environment. Antarctica is now the focus of my creative output as I work to show my audience what a beautiful continent we risk losing.

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