DOWN – dir. Rzn Torbey

Original Film Title: DOWN

Directors Name: Rzn Torbey

Writers Name: Rzn Torbey

Producer: Rzn Torbey

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Switzerland

Language: French

Runtime: 15 min

Film Description: 

Geneva 2019, EMMA (42), married to MARC (35). After 15 years of childless marriage, Emma becomes pregnant. Following the exams, it has been confirmed that the child will be born with Down’s syndrome. Events accelerate with this result, different people intervene to help Emma make a decision to abort or keep the baby. Her husband, Marc, does not want to have a disabled baby. Emma suffers from a psychological crisis to the point of contemplating suicide.

What will be the final decision? Abort or keep the baby?

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