Wormhole – dir. Vahid Davoodi Pooya

English Film Title: Wormhole

Original Film Title:  Kermchaleh    

Directors Name: Vahid Davoodi Pooya

Writers Name: Vahid Davoodi Pooya

Producer: Vahid Davoodi Pooya, Navid Dawoodi Poya

Country of Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran 

Country of Filming: Islamic Republic of Iran

Language: Persian

Runtime: 15 min 

Film Description: 

Subjective experiences of a woman who encounters her husband betrayal. What should she do? Infinite possibilities arise from her decision. Mina Shayegan (Mina Vahid) is writing her novel called “Wormhole”. Nobody knows that whether all the events are occurring in her story or in the reality. At Least she finds out that the world doesn’t exist without observer.

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