Guilty – dir. Archibald Benhamou

Original Film Title: Guilty

Directors Name: Archibald Benhamou

Writers Name: Archibald Benhamou

Producer: Haya Alghanim, Chien Ni Yang

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 9 min 25 sec

Film Description: 

A date between a serial killer and an Instagram influencer turns wrong.

Father For A Day – dir. QIAO Zhi

Original Film Title: Father For A Day

Directors Name: QIAO Zhi

Writers Name: ZHEN Shilei

Producer: WANG Xi

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 1 h 33 min

Film Description: 

After finding that he has a son abroad which he did not know before, traditional folk painter Guan Shan struggled in his relationship with his perfect wife and stubborn father.

Cheat – dir. Yeo Joon Han, Boris Kalaidjiev

Original Film Title: Cheat

Directors Name: Yeo Joon Han, Boris Kalaidjiev

Writers Name: Yeo Joon Han

Producer: Guo Mingxiang

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Country of Filming: Malaysia

Language: Chinese, English

Runtime: 20 min

Film Description: 

A woman tries to help a man overcome his suicidal thoughts by telling him her grandmother story.

This story is based on a period in joon Han’s life when he was seriously contemplating suicide. He found himself crying one day while staring at the trash in his kitchen. He started visiting clinics to collect sleeping pills. When he tried to call his friends for help, no one answered. Everyone was busy getting on with their lives. He’s surprised he’s still alive today.

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away – dir. Thad Lee

Original Film Title: All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Directors Name: Thad Lee

Writers Name: Thad Lee

Producer: Thad Lee

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 29 min 19 sec

Film Description: 

A Salesman’s love of bathroom graffiti may save his life on a cold, dark Nebraska night. Based on a short story by Stephen King.

Lola’s Letters – dir. Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

English Film Title: Lola’s Letters 

Original Film Title: Les Lettres de Lola

Directors Name: Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

Writers Name: Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

Producer: Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French

Runtime: 9 min 7 sec 

Film Description: When a curious postman opens a letter he has to deliver, he becomes involved in a complicated love story.

Iberion – dir. Nico Wilcox Cano

Original Film Title: Iberion 

Directors Name: Nico Wilcox Cano

Writers Name: Nico Wilcox Cano, Nuria Rodrigo Ortiz, Guillermo LLorca Andreu

Producer: Nico Wilcox Cano, Tracy Wilcox

Country of Origin: Spain 

Country of Filming: Spain 

Language: Spanish 

Runtime: 1 h 12 min 50 sec

Film Description: Jack is a loser who’s in love with a girl who doesn’t even know his name. His luck changes after finding the book… When he reads it, good things happen to him, but if a whole day goes by without reading the book, horrible things happen.

Chronicle of a Culture – dir. Linda Mikkelsen

Original Film Title: Chronicle of a Culture 

Directors Name: Linda Mikkelsen

Writers Name: Linda Mikkelsen

Producer: Linda Mikkelsen, Jaramba Owuor

Country of Origin:Kenya

Country of Filming: Kenya

Language: English

Runtime: 7 min 20 sec

Film Description: 

Chronicle of a Culture is a search for knowledge and wisdom in Luo culture. A culture which is practiced by few in Kenya nowadays. The viewer is invited into a different world from their own, where African voices are being heard through their testimonials in terms of what is important to them culturally. The film tries to understand the importance of heritage and the implications of the influence of modern western culture. Lastly, it tries to get a closer insight into the true origins of Luos’, who are said to have come from the north along the Nile River.

The Dalai Lama: Scientist – dir. Dawn Gifford Engle

Original Film Title: The Dalai Lama: Scientist

Directors Name: Dawn Gifford Engle 

Writers Name: Dawn Gifford Engle

Producer: Ivan Suvanjieff

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: India

Language: English

Runtime: 1 h 34 min 

Film Description: 

Eighty five years ago, a little boy was born in a remote corner of Tibet. One day, miraculously, he was discovered to be the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama, and he was soon carried away to the capitol city of Lhasa to become the political and religious leader of the vast kingdom of Tibet. But the little boy had a secret, locked inside his heart. In “The Dalai Lama — Scientist”, the Dalai Lama tells the unknown story, in his own words, of his lifelong journey into the world of science and technology, and how the world has changed as a result. With extensive, rare, and never before seen footage, this film tells the very human story of the Dalai Lama that no one knows.

The Happy Accident – dir. Paloma Suau

nglish Film Title: The Happy Accident 

Original Film Title: El accidente feliz

Directors Name: Paloma Suau

Writers Name: Paloma Suau

Producer: Paloma Suau, María José Veray-Mazo, Camille Carrión

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Country of Filming: Puerto Rico

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 1 h 18 min

Film Description: 

A filmmaker going through a dry spell (and an early midlife crisis) finds inspiration in the work of an eccentric septuagenarian artist. Their relationship quickly turns into life lessons that will transform her life forever.

Consent – dir. Niz Fernandez

English Film Title: Consent 

Original Film Title: موافقة 

Directors Name: Niz Fernandez

Writers Name: Niz Fernandez

Producer: Niz Fernandez

Country of Origin: Philippines

Country of Filming: Philippines

Language: Arabic, English, Tagalog

Runtime: 10 min 45 sec

Film Description: 

A young female artist, experienced being sexually abused countlessly, expresses her emotions through her art despite of the society she lives in. She exhibits her nude paintings to the public to see how people would react to it. During her exhibit, she remembers her traumatic past. Little did she know, she was exhibiting her naked self.