Alice and the Land that Wonders – dir. Giulia Grandinetti

Original Film Title: Alice and the Land that Wonders

Directors Name: Giulia Grandinetti

Writers Name: Giulia Grandinetti

Producer: Giulia Grandinetti, Nikada Film

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 1 h 40 min 46 sec

Film Description:  

Alice is about to turn eighteen, but she doesn’t seem to be ready to grow at all. A dive into the unconscious. A journey in search of a rebirth. A wish of hope to all the souls who choose life instead of suicide. A reasoning on the concept of normality, through the mirror of magical realism.

TRANSIT – dir. Kartikay D Pawar

Original Film Title:  TRANSIT

Directors Name: Kartikay D Pawar

Writers Name: Kartikay D Pawar

Producer: Kartikay D Pawar

Country of Origin: India

Country of Filming: India

Language: English

Runtime: 10 min 44 sec 

Film Description: 

A Young Man Trying To Find Sanity After Losing His Best Friend.

Subordination: Body Image III. – dir. László Gálos

Original Film Title: Subordination: Body Image III.

Directors Name: László Gálos

Writers Name: László Gálos

Producer: László Gálos

Country of Origin: Hungary

Country of Filming: Hungary

Language: No

Runtime: 08 min 52 sec

Film Description:

The movie studies how works of art, especially photography influence our perception of life and of reality – not only in their finalized, polished state, but also during and throughout their creation process. 

Trauma – dir. Basile Manent

Original Film Title: Trauma

Directors Name: Basile Manent

Writers Name: Basile Manent

Producer: Basile Manent

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Switzerland

Language: French

Runtime: 5 min 53 sec

Film Description: 

A man loses his head since he lost a loved one.

Talk For Life: English as an Additional Language – dir. Amel Tresnjic

Original Film Title: Talk For Life: English as an Additional Language

Directors Name: Amel Tresnjic

Writers Name: Amel Tresnjic

Producer: Amel Tresnjic

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime: 62 min 9 sec

Film Description: 

This inspiring documentary film takes us on a journey into the world of language and the crucial role it plays in the lives of newly arrived refugees in Australia. This heart-warming film tells of their experiences, from trauma endured as they fled their war-torn countries, to their search for safety and a better life in Australia. Dandenong North Primary School, a multi-cultural school situated in a Melbourne suburb, welcomes children of refugee backgrounds and their families with open arms. The school’s goal is to give children the best start on a path of lifelong learning. The film features the school’s highly successful English as an Additional Language Support Program and highlights the life changing role it plays for children of non-English speaking backgrounds. Dandenong North Primary School demonstrates the vital responsibility an educational institution plays in supporting refugee students as they overcome language barriers and develop the ability to express themselves. The importance of learning to ‘talk for life’ is the heart of this unique and uplifting educational film, made by multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker, Amel Tresnjic.

Voiceless – dir. Maite Hundt

Original Film Title: Voiceless

Directors Name: Maite Hundt

Writers Name: Maite Hundt

Producer: Eric Cabutí, Maite Hundt

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: South Africa

Language: English, German

Runtime: 20 min 

Film Description: Life in Africa is very difficult, especially for people with disabilities. Utho Ngathi is trying to change the lives of these people. The director Maite Hundt reports from her perspective which lives Utho Ngathi could already change.

The Patagonia Triple Crown – dir. Nomade Media

Original Film Title: The Patagonia Triple Crown

Directors Name: Nomade Media 

Writers Name: Lorenzo Andrade Astorga

Producer: Lorenzo Andrade Astorga

Country of Origin: Chile

Country of Filming: Chile

Language: English

Runtime: 52 min 42 sec

Film Description: 

A group of kayakers find themselves in the difficult mission of running the three less explored and most dangerous rivers of the south of the world.

The Pascua River, Bravo and Baker. They will overcome the difficult tests that the patagonia will put on them, in addition they will learn about of the complicated environmental situation that Chile is suffering in its fight for fresh water.

The Dancing Kettle – dir. Takeshi Kanabayashi

Original Film Title: The Dancing Kettle

Directors Name: Takeshi Kanabayashi

Writers Name: Takeshi Kanabayashi

Producer: Akio Ohara

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese


Film Description: 

The Dancing Kettle is Based on Japanese folktale. The Film is fairy tale about a raccoon dog that uses its shapeshifting powers to reward its rescuer for his kindness. It is surreal humor film!

As the wave broke… – dir. Alexandra Bekiou

English Film Title: As the wave broke…

Original Film Title: Als die Welle brach … 

Directors Name: Alexandra Bekiou

Writers Name: Alexandra Bekiou, Michael Marwitz

Producer: Alexandra Bekiou

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: German

Runtime: 22 min 11 sec

Film Description: 

As the wave broke…

The odyssey of a woman (40 years old) on the almost hopeless search for a life that does not seem like hell, after suffering the most terrible abuse and loss of her only consolation. She finds the answer for a life-affirming path beyond all clichés, until the wave breaks. Her key of success: unconditional love and freedom.

Felix’ Summer Box – dir. Martijn Rijnberg

Original Film Title: Felix’ Summer Box

Directors Name: Martijn Rijnberg

Writers Name: Martijn Rijnberg

Producer: Martijn Rijnberg

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: no

Runtime: 3 min 4 sec

Film Description: 

As an assignment for the parents, our daycare asked us to collect all objects that were important for our 3-year old son during the summer holiday and put them in a shoebox. These so-called summer boxes were used as an aid for the children to help them to vividly relate in the group about their experiences during the summer. I was thinking about a way to bring this box of objects alive in a film and to find a way to have the audience feel the emotions my son had during his holiday. As this idea grew, I contacted musician Vincent Fournier-Boisvert and asked if I could use his beautiful song ‘Un Mois de Bois Mort’ of the album ‘Mon Coeur est une Arme’ for this purpose.