The Last Oil – dir. Kyrre Lien, Ingerid Salvesen

Original Film Title: The Last Oil

Directors Name: Kyrre Lien, Ingerid Salvesen

Producer: Kyrre Lien, Ingerid Salvesen

Country of Origin: Norway

Country of Filming: Nigeria, Norway, United States

Language: English 

Runtime: 29 min 44 sec

Film Description: 

A self-made Texan businessman rides the biggest oil boom in decades. A Nigerian farmer-turned-activist fights oil spills polluting his land. A Norwegian fisherman’s daughter finds herself in the midst of a dilemma: Should her island open up for oil exploration or not? Together, they tell the story of how and why oil has become so important for our economies and modern lifestyles, but also why continuing to use oil as much as we do may jeopardize all of that: it harms our environment and climate. This is a story about the global battle for the last oil, how it affects three ordinary people and, ultimately, all of us.

Into the Dark – dir. Michael O. Snyder

Original Film Title: Into the Dark

Directors Name: Michael O. Snyder

Producer: Eli Kintisch, Michael O. Snyder

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Norway

Language: English, Norwegian

Runtime: 28 min 03 sec

Film Description: 

Battling subzero temperatures and forty-foot seas, a team of scientists embark on a perilous winter expedition into the darkest regions of the Arctic. Their mission: to understand how trace amounts of light may be radically altering the mysterious world of the polar night. What they discover has implications for the global climate and the future of the Arctic.