Coronavirus Pandemic – dir. Rafael de Amorim

Original Film Title: Coronavirus Pandemic 

Directors Name: Rafael de Amorim

Writers Name: Rafael de Amorim

Producer: Gabriela Schiller

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 3 min 35 sec

Film Description: 

Shot and edited on a Sunday blue in Manchester. Sad but true.

A provocative short film to get people thoughtful about Coronavirus Pandemic.

ROLLER GIRLS BEIRUT – dir. Rene Odgaard


Original Film Title: ROLLER GIRLS BEIRUT

Directors Name: Rene Odgaard

Writers Name: Rene Odgaard

Producer: Rene Odgaard

Country of Origin: Denmark

Country of Filming: Lebanon

Language: Danish, English

Runtime: 23 min 21 sec

Film Description: 

Documentary film about Elisabeth who has found something she has been missing in her life; a place to be the tomboy she has always been. She has decided to share all of this and therefore she goes to Beirut to start a Roller Derby team.

The consolation of the blue – dir. Joe Zhao

Original Film Title: The consolation of the blue

Directors Name:  Joe Zhao

Writers Name: Sylvia Moerland

Producer: Joe Zhao

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: China, Netherlands, Taiwan

Language: English

Runtime:  13 min 51 sec

Film Description: 

A mysterious blue porcelain vase evokes the love story of the Xuande Emperor Zhu Zhanji, who fell in love with Queen Suhita of the Majapahit Empire. This mystery has been hidden for almost six hundred years.

M’Hamid Oasis Morocco – dir. Monika Koeck

Original Film Title: M’Hamid Oasis Morocco

Directors Name: Monika Koeck

Writers Name: Monika Koeck

Producer: Monika Koeck

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: Morocco

Language: English

Runtime: 22 min 30 sec

Film Description: 

The film M’Hamid Oasis Morocco documents the restoration and recording work undertaken by an international team of researchers and volunteers in the most remote oasis of the Draa Valley, at the edge of the Sahara Desert.

In 2019, ArCHIAM (University of Liverpool) and the NGO Terrachidia (Spain) teamed up in conducting an “Earthen Architectural Heritage Workshop” in M’Hamid/Morocco. Involving the local community as well as architects, engineers and earthen-architecture enthusiasts from around the world, the team restored and documented the oasis’ endangered cultural heritage. In addition, the workshop provided an opportunity for local young people to get trained by master builders in earth building techniques, which otherwise would be forgotten.

The film creates awareness of the cultural significance of this place and its struggle of survival, highlighting its tourism potential. It will inform government bodies and public/private stakeholders to assist in securing funding to implement sustainable development initiatives that can reactivate the settlement through the synergy of heritage preservation/economic and infrastructural development/community participation and empowerment.