Guilty – dir. Archibald Benhamou

Original Film Title: Guilty

Directors Name: Archibald Benhamou

Writers Name: Archibald Benhamou

Producer: Haya Alghanim, Chien Ni Yang

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 9 min 25 sec

Film Description: 

A date between a serial killer and an Instagram influencer turns wrong.

A Trip with Mom – dir. Sophie SHUI

English Film Title: A Trip with Mom

Original Film Title: 帶媽媽出去玩

Directors Name: Sophie SHUI

Writers Name: Sophie SHUI

Producer: TING CHI-FANG, Chen Chiou Fu 

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Taiwan

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 25 min

Film Description: 

In order to take care of his old mother (played by Liou, Yiin-Shang), who has lost her intelligence and is disabled, Xia Changming (played by Yi-Wen CHEN) remains unemployed at home. A family of four, who have been relying on the wife Xiaoling (played by CHIN, TZU-YEN), who is an insurance salesperson, for many years. Under the multiple pressures of the complaints from her wife, economic loading, long-term care, and physical and mental bundling, Changming is always depressed and feels hopeless and helpless. Finally, when the police brought the mother back, and his wife took his son away, after receiving a call, Changming mark the late summer with a red pen. He decided to take his mother to travel…

Lola’s Letters – dir. Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

English Film Title: Lola’s Letters 

Original Film Title: Les Lettres de Lola

Directors Name: Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

Writers Name: Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

Producer: Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French

Runtime: 9 min 7 sec 

Film Description: When a curious postman opens a letter he has to deliver, he becomes involved in a complicated love story.

Cariño – dir. Em Johnson

Original Film Title: Cariño

Directors Name: Em Johnson

Writers Name: Em Johnson

Producer: Aleix Quintana

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English, Spanish

Runtime: 11 min

Film Description: 

Sometime past the hour of midnight… Tiff, a young waitress, works the graveyard shift at Vito’s Diner alongside the boss/owner, Vito, when, just like clockwork, a school friend of hers, Frankie, a fresh male escort, drops in for some food, but brings along his vulgar client for the night, Mac. While Tiff tries to find the ending to a short story she’s writing, she’s also longing to save Frankie from his life of escorting. However, as the night comes to a close, emotions run high, causing Tiff to lose her battle and give up.

Sparks – dir. Netta Shalev

English Film Title: Sparks

Original Film Title: ניצוצות

Directors Name: Netta Shalev

Writers Name: Netta Shalev

Producer: Neta Cohen, Yuval Ariel, Netta Shalev

Country of Origin: Israel

Country of Filming: Israel 

Language: Hebrew

Runtime: 25 min 8 sec

Film Description:

Set in 1994, homophobic Amit returns home; a year after the death of his twin brother, Yoni, who died of AIDS. Amit is surprised to find that his family and Yoni’s former partner are going to a drag show in Yoni’s memory.

Iberion – dir. Nico Wilcox Cano

Original Film Title: Iberion 

Directors Name: Nico Wilcox Cano

Writers Name: Nico Wilcox Cano, Nuria Rodrigo Ortiz, Guillermo LLorca Andreu

Producer: Nico Wilcox Cano, Tracy Wilcox

Country of Origin: Spain 

Country of Filming: Spain 

Language: Spanish 

Runtime: 1 h 12 min 50 sec

Film Description: Jack is a loser who’s in love with a girl who doesn’t even know his name. His luck changes after finding the book… When he reads it, good things happen to him, but if a whole day goes by without reading the book, horrible things happen.

Happy Ending – dir. Ramzi el Khoury

Original Film Title: Happy Ending

Directors Name: Ramzi el Khoury

Writers Name: Ramzi el Khoury

Producer: Ashraf Mtaweh

Country of Origin: Lebanon

Country of Filming: Lebanon 

Language: Arabic

Runtime: 14 min 12 sec

Film Description: 

Scrolling blankly through his phone, Chadi notices something written on one of his Whatsapp groups: “You are the only one left in the group”. He realizes that the group of his old university friends is now dissolved and he is the only one left. The idea starts to affect his mood and slowly builds up into an inner monologue reflecting about his loneliness, frustration and lack of human connection.