Playing Planet – dir. JIAYI WANG

Original Film Title: Playing Planet 

Directors Name: JIAYI WANG

Writers Name: JIAYI WANG

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming:  China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 14 min 50 sec

Film Description: 

If AI has emotional intelligence, it will be a disaster for humans. Due to the issuance of Decree No. 2900-1, humans have to terminate all projects related to AI emotional learning. Therefore, GAEA outside the atmosphere established twenty scenes as a secret training base. Then the game company also acquired several scenes. As a game player, Jurij searched the abandoned body of Siena, trying to use her cross-border memory, through the scene, to find helium gas to achieve a short plan. On the way, he was in crisis due to Siena’s ambiguous identity …

The Shadow of the Sun – dir. Ido Hartmann

English Film Title: The Shadow of the Sun

Original Film Title: הצל של השמש

Directors Name:  Ido Hartmann

Writers Name: Ido Hartmann

Producer: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Country of Origin: Israel

Country of Filming: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Runtime: 8 min

Film Description: 7 years ago Boaz has cut all ties with his parents, brother & sister, his friends, and his previous world. The film tracks the story of his disappearance and embarks in a surreal journey into the memories he left with his family.

Terror Fervor – dir. Phoebe Parsons

Original Film Title: Terror Fervor

Directors Name: Phoebe Parsons

Writers Name: Phoebe Parsons

Producer: Phoebe Parsons

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Language: English

Runtime: 6 min

Film Description: 

Informed by experimental films from the 1960s and 70s, Terror Fervor takes the viewer on a psychedelic non-linear journey through the vices of seven characters. The wordless journey of Terror Fervor plunges the viewer into an experience that is hard to classify and hard to forget.

The Masque of Blackness – dir. Epoh Beech

Original Film Title: The Masque of Blackness

Directors Name: Epoh Beech

Writers Name: Epoh Beech

Producer: Epoh Beech

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime:  12 min 45 sec

Film Description: 

Epoh Beech’s The Masque of Blackness is a hand drawn animation re-imagining Ben Jonson’s 1605 play The Masque of Blackness and Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novella Heart of Darkness. Created over 7 years out of thousands of charcoal drawings, the animation weaves both texts together and explores the spirit of place to take you on a journey from West Africa to the Thames in London and the Rhine in Germany. It has themes of moonlight, oceans, rivers, unexplored territory, mythological symbolism and highlights concerns for the environment. Our guides on the journey are Hermes, a grey seal, and Pegasus, the winged horse, they are both unconstrained by the straight jacket of time.

Aripi – dir. Dmitri Voloshin

Original Film Title: Aripi 

Directors Name: Dmitri Voloshin

Writers Name: Dmitri Voloshin, Sergiu Chirillov, Anastasia Berzoy

Producer: Dmitri Voloshin 

Country of Origin: Republic of Moldova

Language: no

Runtime: 8 min 11 sec

Film Description: 

This story is about an astronaut who, as a child, dreamed of flying and being free. And now he seems to be flying in the sky, but he is actually locked in the capsule of a spacecraft. One day, minor problems lead to bigger problems, causing the spaceship to lose control and collapse on Earth. And now the astronaut will once again spread the wings of his dreams and return to childhood.