Subordination: Body Image III. – dir. László Gálos

Original Film Title: Subordination: Body Image III.

Directors Name: László Gálos

Writers Name: László Gálos

Producer: László Gálos

Country of Origin: Hungary

Country of Filming: Hungary

Language: No

Runtime: 08 min 52 sec

Film Description:

The movie studies how works of art, especially photography influence our perception of life and of reality – not only in their finalized, polished state, but also during and throughout their creation process. 

Trauma – dir. Basile Manent

Original Film Title: Trauma

Directors Name: Basile Manent

Writers Name: Basile Manent

Producer: Basile Manent

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Switzerland

Language: French

Runtime: 5 min 53 sec

Film Description: 

A man loses his head since he lost a loved one.