The Safe House – dir. Zak Mir

Original Film Title: The Safe House 

Directors Name: Zak Mir

Writers Name: Zak Mir

Producer: Tuhin Mehedi Hasan

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Country of Filming: Bangladesh

Language: Bengali

Runtime: 27min

Film Description: 

Based on true story, The Safe House, is a tale of a University teacher, who has been brought to a detention center where he meets a young Hindu boy who falls prey to severe military interrogation and torture. It is a story of hope and commitment.

Rag Doll – dir. Andrew Yanni

Original Film Title: Rag Doll 

Directors Name: Andrew Yanni

Writers Name: Judie Feenstra

Producer: Judie Feenstra, Emerge films

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming:  United States

Language: English

Runtime: 14 min

Film Description: 

Charlotte, an up & coming actress is surprised with a birthday party organised by her boyfriend and manager, Grant. The guests are Hollywood industry people trying to get a hold of her while Charlotte is trying to keep up the facade of her adored public persona she is secretly struggling with her own demons. Until the friction of these alter ego’s come to a build up and explode. But what happens when she is exposed in the limelight?

The Dancing Kettle – dir. Takeshi Kanabayashi

Original Film Title: The Dancing Kettle

Directors Name: Takeshi Kanabayashi

Writers Name: Takeshi Kanabayashi

Producer: Akio Ohara

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese


Film Description: 

The Dancing Kettle is Based on Japanese folktale. The Film is fairy tale about a raccoon dog that uses its shapeshifting powers to reward its rescuer for his kindness. It is surreal humor film!

As the wave broke… – dir. Alexandra Bekiou

English Film Title: As the wave broke…

Original Film Title: Als die Welle brach … 

Directors Name: Alexandra Bekiou

Writers Name: Alexandra Bekiou, Michael Marwitz

Producer: Alexandra Bekiou

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: German

Runtime: 22 min 11 sec

Film Description: 

As the wave broke…

The odyssey of a woman (40 years old) on the almost hopeless search for a life that does not seem like hell, after suffering the most terrible abuse and loss of her only consolation. She finds the answer for a life-affirming path beyond all clichés, until the wave breaks. Her key of success: unconditional love and freedom.

Music Box – dir. Simon Richards

Original Film Title: Music Box 

Directors Name: Simon Richards 

Writers Name: Simon Richards

Producer: Antonio Azzurro

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: English

Runtime: 27 min 29 sec

Film Description: 

Molly finds herself in a strange room. As she tries to understand why she’s there, nightmare and reality bleed together.

1 You 2 Me – dir. Lunkai Wu

English Film Title: 1 You 2 Me

Original Film Title: 妈妈二分之一

Directors Name: Lunkai Wu

Writers Name: Lunkai Wu

Producer: Lunkai Wu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 27 min 29 sec min

Film Description: 

“1 YOU 2 ME” is an original Mini film with absurd style, which is about 26 minutes long. Based on the lack of high-quality education resources in China and the downward pressure of entering school, this short film tells the story of a strict and harsh mother and her daughter experience the exchange of their souls, experience of each other’s life, and finally the mother and daughter reach a consensus. This work intends to explore and reflect on the current social evaluation system.

Moriah – dir. Nathan Tape

Original Film Title: Moriah

Directors Name: Nathan Tape 

Writers Name: Nathan Tape 

Producer: Nathan Tape 

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 14 min

Film Description: 

In the 70’s in the Deep South, an estranged son is violently reunited with his father against his will.

Felix’ Summer Box – dir. Martijn Rijnberg

Original Film Title: Felix’ Summer Box

Directors Name: Martijn Rijnberg

Writers Name: Martijn Rijnberg

Producer: Martijn Rijnberg

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: no

Runtime: 3 min 4 sec

Film Description: 

As an assignment for the parents, our daycare asked us to collect all objects that were important for our 3-year old son during the summer holiday and put them in a shoebox. These so-called summer boxes were used as an aid for the children to help them to vividly relate in the group about their experiences during the summer. I was thinking about a way to bring this box of objects alive in a film and to find a way to have the audience feel the emotions my son had during his holiday. As this idea grew, I contacted musician Vincent Fournier-Boisvert and asked if I could use his beautiful song ‘Un Mois de Bois Mort’ of the album ‘Mon Coeur est une Arme’ for this purpose.