RELENTLESS – dir. Jack Ure

Original Film Title: RELENTLESS

Directors Name: Jack Ure

Writers Name: Jack Ure

Producers: Jack Ure

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime: 4 minutes 27 seconds

Film Description: 

A man wakes up in an underground base and must fight his way out.

Mama’s Ashes – dir. Caspar Commijs

Original Film Title: Mama’s As

English Film Title: Mama’s Ashes

Directors Name: Caspar Commijs

Writers Name: Caspar Commijs, David Warringa

Producers: David Warringa

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: Dutch, English, Spanish

Runtime: 19 minutes 5 seconds

Film Description: 

Under pressure of his stepfather Estevan, Jurriën travels to Spain to disperse his recently deceased mother. The rebellious teenager has a different wish, but how far does he have to go to bring his mother’s ashes safely back home?

Echthaar – dir. Dominic Kubisch

Original Film Title: Echthaar

Directors Name: Dominic Kubisch

Writers Name: Dominic Kubisch, Christopher Palm

Producers: Dominic Kubisch, Sophie Sy, Shirin Hooshmandi

Country of Origin: Austria

Country of Filming: Austria

Language: German

Runtime: 19 minutes 50 seconds

Film Description: 

The smell of shampoo and cigarettes hangs in the air. The hair buns tear at the scalp and the newest hits play on a small radio. It’s the golden 50ies and Victor has his hair salon in perfect order – or so it seems. Because from her first day at the new job, Paula just can’t take her eyes off the strange jukebox in the corner. She senses that the machine is somehow connected to a dark secret. As Paula starts to take a deeper look at it, she doesn’t understand that her own life is on the line.

Green Luck – dir. Emanuele Daga

Original Film Title: Green Luck

Directors Name: Emanuele Daga

Writers Name: Emanuele Daga

Producers: Marcela Cantu

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 8 minutes 30 seconds

Film Description: 

Luck unexpectedly flips for an underachieving mama’s boy on his 17th job interview.

Free Falling – dir. Jake Cameron

Original Film Title: Free Falling

Directors Name: Jake Cameron

Producers: Jake Cameron

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Runtime: 5 minutes 37 seconds

Film Description: 

Michael Zurek participates in one of the most dangerous sports in the world: Base jumping. After having his first child, he now faces a tougher challenge, balancing this life-threatening sport and being there for his family.

Listen to See – dir. Lingyan Huang

Original Film Title: Listen to See

Directors Name: Lingyan Huang

Writers Name: Lingyan Huang

Producers: Lingyan Huang

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 43 minutes

Film Description: 

This documentary tells the story about the Mango organization that are creating films with audio description (AD) as a public service to help visually impaired people to attend cinema screenings.