Gambling Club Burglar – dir. Hirono Yamada

Original Film Title: 賭場あらし

Director’s Name: Hirono Yamada

Writer’s Name: Hirono Yamada

Producer: Tatsuyuki Katsuki

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 19 minutes

Film Description:

In the Tenpo era, a burglar laid havoc on gambling clubs throughout the capital.
Concerned, Magistrate’s offices clamped down on such clubs and the burglar even more.
This devastated the black market in the city of Edo.
In that time, the Kanzaki family of Oshu Aizu decided to hold “Blue Sky Joint” in the mountains to avoid the local magistrate’s office and the burglar instead of normal gambling clubs held in closed spaces in town areas. Will the burglar appear at the Blue Sky Joint? Yakuza family, The local magistrate’s office, and the burglar. The triangular fight has begun.

Anemone : A Fairy Tale for No Kids – dir. Jung Ha-Yong

Original Film Title: 애들이 보면 안되는 동화 : 아네모네

Director’s Name: Jung Ha-Yong

Writer’s Name: Jung Ha-Yong

Producer: Um Hyun-Sook

Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

Country of Filming: Korea, Republic of

Language: English, Korean

Runtime: 1 hour 17 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description:

Yong-Ja lives in Seoul as the mother of a child, striving to sustain a living of a household and undaunted by the obstacles laying before her.

On her way to work rather late in a random morning on a weekend when she had this peculiar dream which she found to be very unusual, she urges her jobless husband to buy a lottery, thinking she already knows the numbers for a jackpot and even writing them down herself for him to see.

That night, when Yong Ja was under harsh labor until.late, she finds out on a real-time basis that the numbers she wrote down earlier during the morning and which she told her hubby to keep intact actually did hit the jackpot. This felt very unrealistic for her to believe, and she could hardly admit it. All this made her rush towards her house at the speed of light.

But what lay ahead waiting for her was only all the more shocking enough to make her taken aback, going beyond the boundaries of her common sense that would make her jaws open wide in horror and disbelief……..

Hater-Z – dir. Jacopo Matteo Golizia

Original Film Title: Hater-Z

Director’s Name: Jacopo Matteo Golizia

Writer’s Name: Margherita Giusti Hazon

Producer: Jacopo Matteo Golizia

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 15 minutes

Film Description:

Inspired by true events,
Emma is a 16-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a great musical actress. He spends his days with Alessandro, his best friend, on the condominium roof, rehearsing lines from his plays and singing. Emma lives with her father, with whom she has a special relationship. His life is turned upside down when, after a party, an intimate video of him is spread, without his consent, on the internet and on all social networks. Emma is thus overwhelmed by a whirlwind of apathy and depression from which not even the passion for music will be able to save her.

Show me the Vision – dir. Roc Flowers, Matilde Bergamini

Original Film Title: Show me the Vision

Director’s Name: Roc Flowers, Matilde Bergamini

Writer’s Name: Roc Flowers

Producer: Franco Mr QJP Nannucci

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: English

Runtime: 4 minutes 53 seconds

Film Description:

Official Music Video of “Show me the Vision” track that is part of the album “OVISION” with music and arrangements by Stefano De Donato and lyrics by Roc Flowers.
The video is directed by Matilde Bergamini and Roc Flowers, edited by Matilde Bergamini and executive production is by Franco Mr QJP Nannucci for recording label and humanitarian organization Music for Love

My Mirrored Ego – dir. Seiki Watanabe

Original Film Title: 共鏡

Director’s Name: Seiki Watanabe

Writer’s Name: Seiki Watanabe

Producer: Tatsuyuki Katsuki

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 5 minutes 50 seconds

Film Description:

One day
I reached out my hand to the sky
wishing to fly like a butterfly.

In the forbidden labyrinth of
two mirrors facing each other,
the borders become dim.
between the Sun and Moon,
between the Past and Future,
between the Front and Back,
and between Myself and I.

I still reach out my hand to the sky
wishing to let myself of that day fly.

Girl, “Kurogo” the black-robed, “Yujo” the courtesan, and Goddess,
Who manipulates whom?
Who rips apart whom?
and who loves whom?

ESTRO – dir. Daniel Tupinambá

Original Film Title: ESTRO

Director’s Name: Daniel Tupinambá

Writer’s Name: Daniel Tupinambá

Producer: Maurício Kenzo, Sergio Kieling, Juliana Lemes

Country of Origin: Brazil

Country of Filming: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 19 minutes 2 seconds

Film Description:

In a timeless, empty and minimalist environment, ESTRO shows the WRITER´s creative process, who falls for the main character of his book: WOMAN, a blues singer. The film then depicts the different states of writer´s mind, directly changing the course of his history. At one point, WRITER decides to do a treatment with a crazy ANALYST, which can turn into a character of his book, leaving your world to live reality in the story.