Fire-Metaphor for Change – dir. Mimi Garrard

Original Film Title: Fire-Metaphor for Change

Director’s Name: Mimi Garrard

Writer’s Name: Mimi Garrard

Producer: Mimi Garrard

Country of Origin: USA

Country of Filming: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 13 minutes

Film Description:

“Fire-Metaphor for Change” is a dance created for video that was inspired by the writings of the philosopher Heraclitus.



Director’s Name: Antonio Bellido Marín

Writer’s Name: Antonio Bellido Marín

Producer: Antonio Bellido Marín

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: English

Runtime: 1 hour 16 minutes

Film Description:

Silent film based on real events turned into a Neorealist critical musical about the SPANISH ECONOMIC CRISIS (2008 – 2014).
The Eurogroup led by Germany makes up to € 100,000 million available to Spain, of which 64,000 are used exclusively to “rescue the bank.” Between the president and the head of the opposition they reform the Constitution to guarantee the payment of the debt. The European Central Bank through “the troika” controls the budget of expenses and income to recover its investment. The great political corruption that together with the crisis puts the Spanish debt above 100% of GDP is uncovered, which will have to be paid by the middle and lower classes with increases in direct and indirect taxes and cuts in salaries, health, culture and science.

A Feast That Never Comes – dir. Maria Juranic

Original Film Title: Memoria muerta

Director’s Name: Maria Juranic

Writer’s Name: Sven Britt

Producer: Rachel Morgan, Sven Britt

Country of Origin: USA

Country of Filming: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 16 minutes 22 seconds

Film Description:

Four characters inhabit cycles within cycles of contentment, discontentment, inertia, movement, desire, and betrayal. A story emerges—told through the marriage of music (Ex-Fiancée) and dance (ChrisMastersDance)—functioning as a set of nesting dolls, inviting you to uncover as many layers as you wish. Directed by Maria Juranic.

Dead Memory – dir. Jose Pablo Moreno Gomez

Original Film Title: Memoria muerta

Director’s Name: Jose Pablo Moreno Gomez

Writer’s Name: Jose Pablo Moreno Gomez

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Spain

Runtime: 3 minutes

Film Description:

Dead Memory speaks of oblivion, memory, and identity. It refers to the extermination of the Selk-nam people, but also to the loss of identity and the forgetting of one’s roots as a migrant. The images pass by while Lola Kiepjka’s Song to the Wind, the last Selk-nam shaman, plays in a loop

Nirvana – dir. Luna Sue Huang

Original Film Title: Orion 1925

Director’s Name: Luna Sue Huang

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Runtime: 1 minute 29 seconds

Film Description:

In Buddhism, all the suffering in the world comes from ignorance and greed. 
In this noisy, busy world, we are used to running all the time, deceiving ourselves to race to the end, to chase happiness, but we haven’t even found the right starting point; we haven’t noticed the real important things, so we forget our feelings in this nothingness. The original meaning of nirvana is “extinguishment”, not death. What extinguishes is not human nature, but the flame of greed, hatred and illusion. Maybe when we can live in the present day, we can become real people.

‘It’s like a strong wind blowing fire, not into the fire, but out of it.’

In this animation, I experimented with using oil paint as the medium, mono print as the method to draw each frame, using Buddhist metaphors as visual elements to tell the story of a person’s change from sad, angry, empty emotion to observe themselves and finally know the meaning of life.

7 years art from Berlin “BrückenKunst” – dir. Gilbert Brüning

Original Film Title: Orion 1925

Director’s Name: Gilbert Brüning

Producer: Gilbert Brüning

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: German

Runtime: 20 minutes

Film Description:

And it still exists! „BrückenKunst“ is an association of artists from many different countries and organizes a painting exhibition every year on June 21st in the Cafe Re at the Island Bridge at the Historical Port of Berlin. For the 7th time, our Korean-German team is creating exhibitions in Berlin, Demmin and, since last year, also in the Museum Park in Rüdersdorf. An extraordinary cultural landscape very close to Berlin.

Orion 1925 – dir. Eva M. Ingolfsdottir

Original Film Title: Orion 1925

Director’s Name: Eva M. Ingolfsdottir

Writer’s Name: Eva M. Ingolfsdottir

Producer: Eva M. Ingolfsdottir

Country of Origin: Iceland

Country of Filming: Iceland

Language: English

Runtime: 6 minutes 18 seconds

Film Description:

In February 1925, a storm broke suddenly at Halamid west of Iceland, two trawlers and two ufo’s went under, causing the unlikely meeting of an Alien and a fisherman fighting for their lives

Have We Paid Our Dues? – dir. Yantra de Vilder

Original Film Title: Have We Paid Our Dues?

Director’s Name: Yantra de Vilder

Writer’s Name: Yantra de Vilder

Producer: Yantra de Vilder

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime: 13 minutes 24 seconds

Film Description:

Created during lockdown 2021 -this piece is my reflection on these challenging times that we are going through. Never before in my life have I witnessed such a time.

I feel us to be in a state of biological and information warfare, where friends are even turning against each other due to opposing views – where we are driven into a sense of confusion, fear and volatility. This film is dedicated to understanding our fragile place in this eco system of our planet earth and examining our place as a thread of humanity.

I am asking questions, I am looking for signs – I don’t really have any answers other than a faith in the power of music and art to sooth the worried soul.

Argent Glass (feat. Char) dir. Katsuyuki Nakanishi

Original Film Title: Argent Glass (feat. Char)

English Film Title: Argent Glass (feat. Char)

Directors Name: Katsuyuki Nakanishi

Producer: Tounosuke Shimakawa

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime:  4 minutes 2 seconds

Film Description: 

In November 1967, in Honmoku, Yokohama, a guy (Shinsuke Kato) is chasing his dream of becoming famous while performing live, but it is not coming true. One day, he breaks his cherished silver glass, and after gathering up the shards, he drove off somewhere.