For I Am Dead – dir. Patricia Delso Lucas

Original Film Title: For I Am Dead

Director’s Name: Patricia Delso Lucas

Writer’s Name: Patricia Delso Lucas

Producer: Patricia Delso Lucas, Al Nazemian

Country of Origin: Belgium

Country of Filming: Belgium

Language: English

Runtime: 18 minutes 19 seconds

Film Description:

In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, extravagant life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and opium, confesses love to his gardener Jude before he dies of his excesses.

SINGING TO LOVE – dir. Antonio Bellido Marin


Director’s Name: Antonio Bellido Marin

Writer’s Name: Antonio Bellido Marin

Producer: Antonio Bellido Marin

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: Other

Runtime: 45 minutes

Film Description:

Based on the romantic photonovela “Singing to Love” (Amazon / books) this musical was born. As in silent movies, a narrator has been incorporated who sings the love story with the help of romantic images. His songs and dances reinforce the story. Altogether it is a beautiful entertainment for the senses where the spectator can interact singing in Spanish / English.