Guardians of Paradise – dir. Ivan Maria Friedman

Original Film Title: Guardians of Paradise

Director’s Name: Ivan Maria Friedman

Writer’s Name: Ivan Maria Friedman

Producer’s Name: Ivan Maria Friedman

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Country of Filming: Myanmar

Language: English

Runtime: 11 minutes 48 seconds

Film Description:

An intimate glance into the Burmese life and culture in the months preceding the 2021 military coup. A meditation on Freedom & Peace to support the People of Myanmar in their painful struggle towards self-determination and a more equal society.

This short film was shot with the generous participation of the people of Bagan, a famous historical and religious site in Myanmar, between 2019 and 2020.

On February first 2021, the army has overthrown the democratically elected government in a coup d’état that dramatically affected 54 million Burmese, plunging the whole country into a state of fear, extreme violence and isolation.

Currently trapped between new waves of Covid, their own military killing them and a collapsing economy, the situation in Burma is a humanitarian disaster that reaches new lows every single day.

To this day, at least 1375 innocent civilians were killed by the army, 11202 were arrested, among whom journalists, artists, actors, fashion models, influencers and political opponents. 65 were sentenced to death penalty for protesting against the regime, and an estimated 250,000 people have been displaced by violence and fighting.

In a moment where they need international attention the most, this work wish to portray the uniqueness of the Burmese culture, as well as to bear witness of their incredible strength, whose true power lies in compassion, gracefulness, true generosity and human dignity.

With this film I hope to spread awareness on their tragic situation but also about the true beauty of this unique land and it’s people. I wish you enjoy this film about Bagan in Burma and its peaceful people whom I had the privilege to meet and spend time with.

Hello, Beijing – dir. Xixi Cao

Original Film Title: 您好,北京

Director’s Name: Xixi Cao

Writer’s Name: Xixi Cao, Qian Wu, Jianqiu Wang, Lin Wang, Weilong Ren

Producer’s Name: Hailong Guang, Hanjin An

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

Film Description:

Middle-aged Li Mingqi quits his job from a big company and starts his own business, dreaming of becoming an influential entrepreneur. Unfortunately, investors pull out the investment. To save his business, Li has to run around and ask for help from his friends. After hitting one dead end after another, the idea of selling his property to save the business occurs to him. He has to make a choice between his family and his career.
Deliveryman Liu Shun struggles in Beijing with his girlfriend for many years and finally saves up enough for a down payment to buy a house in the suburbs. However, he learns that his mother is seriously ill. How should he choose between love and kinship?
Yan Nan is a youngster who dreams of becoming a singer. Before he carried his guitar and left for Beijing to seek his musical ambition, he quarreled with his father. However, Yan’s musical dream doesn’t go smoothly, When Yan’s father runs to Beijing to see his son singing for his supper in the underpass, he is so angry as to break his guitar. Should Yan go home or stick to his dream?

FINLANDIA – dir. Horacio Alcala

Original Film Title: FINLANDIA

Director’s Name: Horacio Alcala



Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes

Film Description:

The aftermath of an earthquake. In the town of Juchitán de Zaragoza a woman scrambles through the ruins of a house for a loved one. She searches frantically through the rubble, and then stops. She has found something. Someone. With her bare hands, she claws at the rubble, the masonry and the dust to uncover a body. A face. At first it appears to be the face of a man, then as she clears more of the dust, we see that it’s the face of a woman, her ears weighed down by large gold earrings, a dust encrusted garland in her hair. It is the face of DELIRIO, and she is dead.

We see that same face, alive and well, a few weeks earlier. She is dressed in a traditional Zapotec dress, her hair collected in that garland of flowers, her face made up. She sits at a dressing table and begins removing her make up. The more make up she takes off, the more she reveals masculine features, her jawbone, her nose, her mouth. Slowly, Delirio reveals herself to us as a man in middle age. Except that she is not a man, and neither is she a woman. She is a muxe. Arranged around the dressing table mirror are a series of postcards of a foreign country. She looks away from her own reflection to one of those cards. and picks one up. On the front of the postcard is an image of a forest landscape: pine trees, lakes, blue skies. Finland.