Luca Primon from forest to concert hall – dir. Claudio Piovesana

Original Film Title: Luca Primon from forest to concert hall

Director’s Name: Claudio Piovesana

Writer’s Name: Claudio Piovesana

Producer: Claudio Piovesana

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: English, Italian

Runtime: 51 minutes 36 seconds

Film Description:

A journey into the master’s workshop, following step by step the birth of a master concert violin.
Experience, passion, technique and love are the ingredients of Luca Primon’s violins.
You will discover all the charm in the construction of a Primon concert violin, as you were close to him in the workshop.

SHADOW OF THE NIGHT – dir. Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Original Film Title: Iravin Nizhal

Director’s Name: Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Writer’s Name: Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Producer: Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Country of Origin: India

Language: Tamil, Telugu

Runtime: 1 hour 59 minutes 51 seconds

Film Description:

A tale about a dark, gloomy man, searching for a tiny speck of light, ignoring the shadow that walks behind him; not realising that the shadow is evidence of light’s existence.

A quiet place in the shadows, where time, thoughts and memories are foes….
Does the Night possess a shadow? Can the darkness that illuminates the shadow be perceived?

The Desire To Live – dir. Mariam Avetisyan

Original Film Title: The Desire To Live

Director’s Name: Mariam Avetisyan

Writer’s Name: Mariam Avetisyan

Producer: Peter Bahlawanian

Country of Origin: Armenia

Country of Filming: Armenia

Language: Armenian

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes 10 seconds

Film Description:

Stories of the indigenous people of Artsakh, after the recent 44 day war with Azerbaijan and suffering a devastating loss of lives and land. The desire to live is really a right to live on their lands and be protected by the threat of war, genocide and crimes against their humanity.

Without Clemency – dir. Jorge Mauro Javier Mauad

Original Film Title: Sin Clemencia

Director’s Name: Jorge Mauro Javier Mauad

Writer’s Name: Jorge Mauro Javier Mauad

Producer: Alpataco Films

Country of Origin: Colombia

Country of Filming: Colombia

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

Film Description:

Maria and Angel, two young people in love and engaged, see their dream of getting married postponed when their parents, when buying a field between them, start a dispute over a cow and a few meters of land.