ARFF Paris 2020 Official Schedule

December 27th, 2020

Please note all times are in Central European Time (CET)

CategoryNameAuthorStarting Time
Finalists Trailer Cut3pm (CET) (12’39”)
Best DirectorÔChloe Dupeyrat3:12 pm
Promo3:21 pm
Best CinematographyA New ChapterAnthony Venitis3:22 pm
Best CinematographyHighland HomeDan Schaefer3:24 pm
Best CinematographyReturn To SenderLou Dubigeon3:29 pm
Promo3:48 pm (CET)
Best Experimental FilmIt is not too lateVladimir Miketa3:49 pm
Best Experimental FilmFigureHao-Ying Li3:56 pm
Best Experimental FilmUnderSeeMargie Kelk, Lynne Slater4:05 pm
Best Experimental FilmIncredible Machine GlassBodyKatarina Poljak4:13 pm
Promo4:27 pm (CET) (1′)
Staff PicksDiary of a beginnerLiza Del Sierra4:28 pm
Staff PicksYou Can Kiss MeJan Jalenak5:04 pm
Promo5:22 pm (CET) (1′)
Best Music VideoLaisse LuciferLucie Bourdeu5:23 pm
Best Music VideoElectric Litany – SealightSakari Lerkkanen5:28 pm
Best Music VideoTattooAleksandras Brokas5:33 pm
Best Music VideoStanding as oneMark Robertson5:36 pm
Promo5:40 pm (CET) (1′)
Best DocumentaryInto the DarkMichael O. Snyder5:41 pm
Best DocumentaryThe Last OilKyrre Lien, Ingerid Salvesen6:09 pm
Finalists Trailer Cut6:40 pm (CET) (12’39”)
Best AnimationMaster Moley By Royal InvitationLeon Joosen6:52 pm
Best AnimationHesar (Gate)Nomadic Alternative, Farnaz Ohadi7:25 pm
Best AnimationInsideMariano Russo7:31 pm
Promo7:36 pm (CET) (1′)
Best Student FilmSapper SmithVida Breze7:37 pm
Best Student FilmOh, BrotherLaurin Gausch7:52 pm
Best Student FilmStubborn as a MuleVictor Bargès8:32 pm
Best Student FilmcucumberHaichuan Xu8:46 pm
Best Student FilmYes ClimaxOriane Playner9:01 pm
Best Student FilmInto The VoidYossera Bouchtia9:12 pm
Best Student FilmFata MorganaAngelina Komarova9:33 pm
Best Student FilmMetanoiaSaimanish Prabhakar9:42 pm
Best Student FilmEvermoreLada Imamovic9:57 pm
Best Student FilmUnforgettableLuke Mullen10:04 pm
Best Student FilmToldTai Rocha10:24 pm
Promo10:39 pm (CET) (1′)
Best Short FilmGreen AppleEduardo Jaar10:40 pm
Best Short FilmDOWNRzn Torbey10:51 pm
Best Short FilmYes, VirginiaHarvey Puttock11:07 pm
Best Short FilmMantisHugo Fernández11:17 pm
Finalists Trailer Cut11:28 pm (CET) (12’39”)

The following creations are scheduled in the very end, due to the late-late delivery, with love.

Best Music VideoThe ScarletAndy Mihov11:41 pm (CET)
Best Student FilmThe hippocampusLiuXiaoJun11:45 pm
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