ARFF Amsterdam 2020 Official Schedule

December 28th, 2020

Please note all times are in Central European Time (CET)

CategoryNameAuthorStarting Time
Finalists Trailer Cut3 pm (CET) (7’57”)
Best CinematographyFOREST DRIVEdir & dp: Uma martinez3:07 pm
Best CinematographyThe Macro Worlddir & dp: Kent Yeung3:28 pm
Promo3:32 pm (CET) (1′)
Best Experimental FilmThings I Have Seen in My DreamsJoao Pedro Oliveira3:33 pm
Best Experimental FilmSACRUMRolf Lindblom3:43 pm
Best Experimental FilmOn My MindPetra Richterova, Jennifer Galvin3:49 pm
Best Experimental FilmThe PlanMario Brem3:56 pm
Best Experimental FilmMaking MenAntoine Panier4:10 pm
Best Experimental FilmHaikuMartin Gerigk4:21 pm
Best Experimental FilmMrs D.Jola Kudela4:38 pm
Promo4:47 pm (CET) (1′)
Audience AwardTRISKELIONStuart T Birchall4:48 pm
Promo5:02 pm (CET) (1′)
Best Short FilmFelix’ Summer BoxMartijn Rijnberg5:03 pm
Best Short FilmMoriahNathan Tape5:04 pm
Best Short Film1 You 2 MeLunkai Wu5:18 pm
Best Short FilmMusic BoxSimon Richards5:46 pm
Best Short FilmAs the wave broke …Alexandra Bekiou6:14 pm
Best Short FilmThe Dancing KettleTakeshi Kanabayashi6:36 pm
Best Short FilmRag DollAndrew Yanni6:48 pm
Best Short FilmThe Safe HouseZak Mir7:02 pm
Finalists Trailer Cut7:30 pm (CET) (7’57”)
Best Feature DocumentaryThe Last TribesEbru Cakirkaya7:37 pm
Best Feature DocumentaryThe Donbass childrenLubomir Dankov8:29 pm
Best Feature DocumentaryRoad to Hollywood Through BollywoodOleg Blinov9:29 pm
Best Feature DocumentaryThe Patagonia Triple CrownNomade Media10:40 pm
Best Feature DocumentaryDiagnosing HealthcarePaul Roberts11:33 pm
Promo1:03 am (CET Dec 29th) (1′)
Best Short DocumentaryThe Other Side – Mountain climberRajeev Thottippully1:04 am
Best Short DocumentaryPOETRY: The Transcendence of WordsSOFIA KALANTZI1:08 am
Best Short DocumentaryVoicelessMaite Hundt1:44 am
Promo2:05 am (CET Dec 29th) (1′)
Best Short Film, Audience Award, Best DirectorHomePaul Morris2:06 am
Best Short Film, Audience Award, Best DirectorTalk For Life: English as an Additional LanguageAmel Tresnjic2:23 am
Promo3:26 am (CET Dec 26th) (1′)
Staff PicksTraumaBasile Manent3:27 am
Staff PicksSubordination – Body Image III.László Gálos3:33 am
Promo3:42 am (CET Dec 29th) (1′)
Best Student FilmCourse / a stone’s throw / VoidDaniel Christiaan Human3:43 am
Best Student FilmNunofyrbeeswax – TormentoMaren Sosada4:18 am
Best Student FilmFishbowlXueni Yang4:22 am
Finalists Trailer Cut4:30 am (CET Dec 29th) (7’57”)

The following creations are scheduled in the very end, due to the late-late delivery, with love.

Best Short DocumentaryDisplacementJacek Jędrzejczak4:39 am (CET Dec 29th)
Best Short DocumentaryOtherTiana Dueck4:45 am
Best Student FilmExist!Luca Zuberbühler5:02 am
Best Student FilmIn transEdit Jakab5:12 am
Best Student FilmTransitKartikay D Pawar5:25 am (CET Dec 29th)
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