WSXA International Judging Team

WSXA International Film Awards is an associated Arts & Entertainment platform of WscreenShowcase. Collaborated Judgement Team is gathered by the finalist & winner filmmakers of the ARFF International to expand the global network altogether. ‘

‘W” appreciates the voluntary participation of all the unique creators by heart.

Gina Su

is proud to be an Asian American artist. She co-wrote, produced, and starred in the award-winning dramedy short film “Blue” which has received recognition from ARFF, as well as Best Short and Best Drama from global film festivals. Like most of Gina’s storytelling, her work is inspired by her immigrant upbringing and prioritizes working with women in front of and behind the camera. As a skilled drama and action actress, Gina finds joy in watching content on a plane while headed somewhere she’s never been.

Vahid Davoodi

is an Iranian writer, producer and director living in Switzerland. He made his acting debut on Iran TV in 1987 and starred in television films. He then became interested in theater, and began acting and directing theater. After various professional and educational experiences, he also studied film directing. He has received numerous awards from international festivals as well as winning the ARFF Barcelona Globe Award in 2020 for his film Wormhole. A precious member of our WSXA Judgement team!

Adriana Vecc

is a French-Italian actress, filmmaker and AR/VR hacker living in Los Angeles. Unlikeable female protagonists, dark humor and immersive storytelling are the staples of her cinematic language. Her short film ‘How Far’, which she wrote, starred in and produced picked up many awards during its festival run Around the world. Blending software magic with artistry, Adriana designed and engineered immersive experiences for the likes of: Warner Bros., Viacom, NBA and Coachella.

Judie Feenstra

is an actress and a filmmaker from The Netherlands. In 2018 she graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She has played diverse roles on stage, film and television, including The Back Pages for Amazon Prime. Apart from acting, Judie has written, produced and directed 2 short films that have won several awards in film festivals in the US as well as Europe. Judie is ready to take on her role as a WSXA Juror from the city of Amsterdam!

Antino Crowley- Kamenwati

is known for television shows Blue Bloods, Gotham, Law & Order:SVU and the Netflix series, Emmy Winning ”When They See Us”. In 2019, he played the antagonist in the feature film ” Bite Me” also has appeared on Off-Broadway stage productions. In addition to acting he writes and produces projects for all media. After the festival achievements of improvised feature film ”AKIYO” with #onnomara, WSXA appreciates the overall synergy created in years.

Émilie Delaunay

is a French producer and director. Her first movie, Diary of a beginner, was awarded in the Staff Picks in ARFF Paris 2020. Aside from being a filmmaker, she is also a nurse and a musician. She is also known as Liza Del Sierra, and as she claims, she “used to be one of the men’s favorite French girl”. ”W” appreciates her voluntary participation in the WSXA international Judgement Team!

Sarah Koteles

is a writer and director whose gripping work has found critical acclaim both locally and internationally. A Chicago native living in Los Angeles, her craft is colored by her background in design and animation, with work including narrative films, commercials, music videos, and web series: an artist all Around! In 2016, she founded L’ouest, a boutique film production company. Two times ARFF Award Winner Sarah became an ARFF Resident Filmmaker in 2021. ”W” strongly appreciates her contribution to the WSXA Judgement team!

Onno Mara

is the representative via ARFF International @Aroundfilms as the creative consultant of #WscreenShowcase Floating in the waters of creativity to develop new collaboration models by the wind of the Mediterranean Sea. As the jury member of Five Continents International Film Festivals (FICCOC) and an executive of the upcoming open source film @Astrallstory trying to take his time to figure out, what he can save the world from. WSXA International is glad to have him in the judgement team with all the voluntary participants.

Lucie Bourdeu

started as an actress at twelve years old. She began directing music videos in 2016. Her studies in film, her stage experience as an actress and her technical abilities related to the frequent practice of editing offer her a global vision of the profession in which her practice is tinged. Her work is easily freed from the borders that structure the world of audiovisual production. Her universe is rich in imagination, skillfully blurring the line between the real and the extraordinary, and always in for the ride with #WSXA

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