How Can I Submit?

WSXA & ARFF International accept submission via Filmfreeway with love. Besides the screening weeks, it’s always possible to submit your creations to open 7 editions. You can find each edition’s link below to enhance your festival experience today!

Can I submit with more than one film?

Yes, you can submit as many as films you wish to. We accept all genre creations from all across the World to spread the message all Around the Universe.

Can I submit to multiple categories?

Yes, you can submit to multiple categories with one or more films. Also, it’s always possible to submit via  All Categories as Priority Submission with one fee, to have the highest chance to be selected.

What we do for the submitters?

After you submit your film to our festivals, we will mention your film in multiple cities to enhance the awareness of your creation all around the World. As a unique festival model, we screen and showcase your films online and at in-person events. With the signature categories, we provide our submitters the highest chance to be recognized by the other associated festivals and film industry professionals.

In addition to our networking possibilities, it’s possible to have the Optional Festival Promotions, Director on Spotlight and Q&A – Interviews with the Director, Cinematographer, Producer, and the team members to be shared on our social channels with over 25K Network Members.

What are the ‘Optional Festival Promotions’?

Beside it’s unique categories, both ARFF&WSXA offers you to boost the visibility of your film with their exclusive Festival Promotions. You can submit each promotion categories via Filmfreeway. Here are the Optional Festival Promotions we offer:

❇️Filmmaker in the Spotlight:
Written and visual content about your film will be posted on our social media channels after the order is completed. *** Your Profile and the trailer will be posted on our Instagram page to be shared with ARFF Global Network also with a Story.

♻️Official Certificate + Social Package
Digital Copy for Social Media will be shared in 48 Hours. Your trailer will be promoted on our Social Channels. Hardcopy – ”Official Selection Certificate” will be shipped Worldwide for free.

✅ Resident Filmmaker:
Take your place on Around Films website for 1 year with the ARFF International members. We will upload your works on our website to promote for 25K filmmakers network. The residency will be announced on our Social Media Channels as a welcome post. http://www.aroundfilms.com

When do we announce Official Selections?

For ARFF, Official Selections will be announced on the 1st week of every month (CET time zone) and will be published on our official Facebook page to serve the Official Laurels on the following days.

For WSXA, Official Selections & Nominations will be announced on the specified dates (CET time zone) and will be published on our blog page to serve the Official Laurels in the following weeks

What are the differences of ARFF and WSXA ?

While WSXA conceptualizes as Annual Awards, ARFF runs as Monthly Selection and Annual Awards

Besides ARFF has 9, WSXA has 14 exclusive festival categories that you can submit. You can check all the categories below:


  • WSXA / Best Director
  • WSXA // Best Short Film
  • WSXA // Best Actress & Actors Award
  • WSXA // Best Inspirational Film
  • WSXA // Best TV & Web Series
  • WSXA // Best LGBTQ+ Film
  • WSXA // Best Experimental Film
  • WSXA // Best Erotic & Bizarre Film
  • WSXA // Best Student Film
  • WSXA // Best Comedy
  • WSXA // Best Thriller & Horror
  • WSXA // First-Time Filmmaker
  • WSXA // Best Micro Film
  • WSXA // Best Trailer


  • ARFF – Best Director
  • ARFF – Best Short Film
  • ARFF – Best Documentary
  • ARFF – Best Cinematography
  • ARFF – Best Experimental Film
  • ARFF – Best Music Video
  • ARFF – Best Animation
  • ARFF – Best Student Film
  • ARFF – Best Trailer

Exclusive for ARFF Amsterdam&Berlin:

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Feature Documentary
  • Best Short Documentary
  • Audience Award
  • Globe Award
  • Staff Pick
GUIDELINE: How to upload Your Screener?


(After you are nominated for the Annual Awards)

ARFF International & WSXA accept the screeners ONLY via https://arffawards.myairbridge.com

Please send your screener by following 4 easy steps to complete the process.

1) It’s essential to RENAME your file with your own Category and the Film Title before uploading as follows:

(Please type Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin as the CityEdition)

WSXA ”or” ARFF_CityEdition_Year_NominationCategory_FilmTitle

2) Enter your email address in the ‘‘Sender” column of MyAirBridge.

3) Please compress your file with the required format for the best streaming.

Short Creations: H264 Compression 1080p – up to 500Mb
Feature Creations: H264 Compression 1080p – up to 4GB
Best Trailer Nominees may send only the trailers, not the entire film.

4) Reserve your ticket to join the ARFF & WSXA International Network Today!

How to Filmocracy?

Here is how to REGISTER to Filmocracy.com by clicking the button below and following the easy steps!

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