Blaues Gold – dir. Tim Wessolleck & Christian Bucher

Everyday life in the Western hemisphere: From getting up in the morning to making our vacation plans to catching our business meetings, we keep encountering the “blue gold”, whether directly or indirectly. Water is one of our most essential resources, and yet we keep stubbornly locating the problems surrounding it in Southern or tropical areas only.

Saving Earth: Turkey’s Wildlife Corridor – dir. Abed Ahmed

Original Film Title: Saving Earth: Turkey’s Wildlife Corridor

Directors Name: Abed Ahmed

Writers Name: Abed Ahmed

Producer: Abed Ahmed

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: Turkey

Language: English

Runtime: 5 min 12 sec

Film Description:  

We visit Turkey’s first and largest Wildlife Corridor, where over a million trees have been planted to expand the natural habitat of animals and continue the fight against climate change.

Skye Steele – Rise of Nefertiti – dir. Howard Perry

Original Film Title: Skye Steele – Rise of Nefertiti

Directors Name: Howard Perry

Writers Name: Howard Perry

Producer: Howard Perry

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 26 min 

Film Description:  

Is the theft of Ancient Egyptian artefacts the key to the darkness that is engulfing 1930s Europe? Detectives Skye Steele & Inspector Miles Davies become involved in a three thousand year old mystery.

Tolerance – dir. Nasser Aldhaheri

Original Film Title: Tolerance

Directors Name: Nasser Aldhaheri

Writers Name: Nasser Aldhaheri

Producer: Nasser Aldhaheri

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Country of Filming: Around the world

Language: multilingual

Runtime: 13 min 57 sec

Film Description:  

Short film about Tolerance.. How we can feel it with our hands.

Alice and the Land that Wonders – dir. Giulia Grandinetti

Original Film Title: Alice and the Land that Wonders

Directors Name: Giulia Grandinetti

Writers Name: Giulia Grandinetti

Producer: Giulia Grandinetti, Nikada Film

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 1 h 40 min 46 sec

Film Description:  

Alice is about to turn eighteen, but she doesn’t seem to be ready to grow at all. A dive into the unconscious. A journey in search of a rebirth. A wish of hope to all the souls who choose life instead of suicide. A reasoning on the concept of normality, through the mirror of magical realism.

Dead Horse – dir. Albert Rudnitsky

Original Film Title: Dead Horse

Directors Name: Albert Rudnitsky

Writers Name: Oleg Blinov, Albert Rudnitsky

Producer: Oleg Blinov, Terry Kaelber

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English, Russian

Runtime: 6 min 45 sec

Film Description:  

There are many legends flying around about “Dead Horse” beach, not just from New Yorkers. This Beach is recognized as one of the most dangerous places in the World. One reason – pollution – which killed all life on the beach many years ago…

The Void – dir. Kaiser Jakob

Original Film Title: The Void

Directors Name: Kaiser Jakob

Writers Name: Aicher Michael,  Kaiser Jakob

Producer: Jakob Kaiser

Country of Origin: Austria

Country of Filming: Austria

Language: English

Runtime: 4 min 40 sec

Film Description:  

Koi – AK Koi gets the orders to once again save the planet from her enemy, Evil AK.

With her longing for sensual moments, she soon faces her nemesis. 

In a furious chase that takes us over water, land and all the way to space, AK KoiBond gets to engage the ultimate super-modifiable weapon AK Q handed her earlier on.

The world seems to have been saved but Evil AK manages to hit Earth with her last shot and breath. As the shot hits its target, we realize that it was Evil AK who saved the world all along, nourishing a wounded planet with fresh and cleansing water. The system is beaten.

And Bunny eats on merrily.

The End.

Because of you – dir. Umut Evirgen

English Film Title: Because of you

Original Film Title: Sayenizde

Directors Name: Umut evirgen

Writers Name: Umut evirgen

Producer: Umut evirgen

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: Turkey

Language: Turkish

Runtime: 2 min 11 sec

Film Description:  

Guilty – dir. Archibald Benhamou

Original Film Title: Guilty

Directors Name: Archibald Benhamou

Writers Name: Archibald Benhamou

Producer: Haya Alghanim, Chien Ni Yang

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 9 min 25 sec

Film Description: 

A date between a serial killer and an Instagram influencer turns wrong.