Get it Out (Bekesh Biroon) – dir. Elia Sadeqi

Original Film Title: بکش بیرون

Director’s Name: Elia Sadeqi

Writer’s Name: Fatemeh Ekhtesari

Producer: Elia Sadeqi

Country of Origin: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Country of Filming: Iran, Islamic Republic of, United Kingdom

Language: Persian

Runtime: 3 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description:

This film plans to raise awareness and seek a practical solution to stop child labour and aims to highlight stringent laws which if enforced would put an end to people being forced to work in harsh environments.

Theatrical play and a contemporary dance troupe will perform a series of symbolic dance routines to represent elements of the narrative and struggle among people.

Kuwonererwa – dir. Ronald Kabicek

Original Film Title: Kuwonererwa

Director’s Name: Ronald Kabicek

Writer’s Name: Ronald Kabicek

Producer: Ronald Kabicek

Country of Origin: Norway

Country of Filming: Norway

Runtime: 3 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description:

The song “Kuwonererwa” tells the story of a relationship in shambles. Although the two have very different understanding of the state of their relationship, and literally going separate ways, there still might be some signs of hope.

Run Away – dir.  Emilia Mendieta Cordova

Original Film Title: Run Away

Director’s Name: Emilia Mendieta Cordova

Producer: Charley Young

Country of Origin: USA

Country of Filming: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 2 minutes 58 seconds

Film Description:

Charley’s foray into the arcade leads to a haunting… but of whom?

Bang – dir. Nastasia Dusapin

Original Film Title: Bang

Director’s Name: Nastasia Dusapin

Writer’s Name: Jane Machine

Country of Origin: USA

Country of Filming: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 2 minutes 58 seconds

Film Description:

Jane Machine’s “Bang” is a rambunctious and catchy ode to eros made flesh by its synth-driven bop of a track and infectiously playful video directed by Nastasia Dusapin. Erica von Trapp, producer and songwriter for Jane Machine, conceived the music after hearing the whole composition in a dream — a dream erotic in nature, but fractured, glitchy and shadowed. “Bang” found its visual soulmate through Nastasia Dusapin, Erica’s friend and collaborator. She loved the track, and visualized a “we film ourselves” concept celebrating sensuality and the preparation for it — an incantation. A private pre-game for, well, banging.

If the song is an invitation for eros, the video is a celebration of it. The camcordered three-minute journey explores three women’s rituals as they get ready for debauchery, fraught with a vulnerability that only comes from lack of outside observation. The music video, while puckishly playful, divulges a maturity in not only its objects, motion, and characters, but also in its editing and choice of medium. It’s that good kind of understated, and it marries with the song perfectly. Its sexuality is very much up to Jane and on her terms. Spontaneous but with intention.

An eleventh hour addition, “Bang” is the first song off of Jane Machine’s upcoming 11-track LP “shshshsh”. Tracks off of the pre-releases in EP or single form have already been licensed in VICE’s Showtime. The music video has been featured on several blogs and online magazines.

Gravity – dir. Akram Badr

Original Film Title: Gravity

Director’s Name: Akram Badr

Writer’s Name: Akram Badr

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Country of Filming: United Arab Emirates

Language: English

Runtime: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Film Description:

“Gravity” started as a script for a short film that got rewritten as a song. The story is about someone who’s always on the look for a meaning or purpose.

The story is metaphorically represented in a love theme, we can see the protagonist leaving earth (reality) to the endless space trying to find his lover (the purpose). It’s a journey with no returning back, a one-way ticket to the unknown.

URBAN ART Tribute – dir. Cid Travaglia

Original Film Title: URBAN ART Tribute

Director’s Name: Cid Travaglia

Writer’s Name: Cid Travaglia

Producer: Cid Travaglia

Country of Origin: Brazil

Country of Filming: Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Portugal, South Africa, Swaziland

Language: English

Runtime: 4 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description:

Filmed and crafted by NAPALMA’s Cid Travaglia across twelve countries for eight years, diving into the street art universe and showing a special selection of Street Art and Graffiti from international artists.

The song ‘Urban Art’ is the voice of the people that appreciates Graffiti and Street Art, and NAPALMA speaks in their name to express our gratitude to the Artists, for making the cities more colorful, political, exciting and soulful, touching people’s life day by day.

‘Urban Art’ is an uplifting song with a driving Tech House base, beautiful synth melodies with catchy vocal lines from Senegalese Abass Ndiaye, and pulsing percussions including djembe and recycled instruments.

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