Doodle – dir. LinkWei

Original Film Title: Doodle

Directors Name: LinkWei

Writers Name: LinkWei

Producers: Angus

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 15 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description: 

The little boy was educated by a strict Chinese mother since he was a child. Her mother invited him a tutor to prepare for a junior high school exam, but this tutor seemed to be different from the teachers that other little boys had contact with. On the other side, a man knocked on the door…

The Divine Oblivion – dir. Oscar Simmons

Original Film Title: The Divine Oblivion

Directors Name: Oscar Simmons

Writers Name: Oscar Simmons

Producers: Oscar Simmons

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 9 minutes 42 seconds

Film Description: 

As Carlos’ Alzheimer’s disease begins to rapidly deteriorate, he disconnects more and more from realty. This leaves him to contemplate his internal decline of consciousness as he begins to accept his soul merging with the wider universe around him.

It’s not about Eitan – dir. Ron Baranov

Original Film Title: It’s not about Eitan

Directors Name: Ron Baranov

Writers Name: Ron Baranov

Producers: Ron Baranov, Yarden Agian

Country of Origin: Israel

Country of Filming: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Runtime: 8 minutes 52 seconds

Film Description: 

After a meaningful session at the psychologist, Dean is visiting his father to reflect on their relationship and to better understand if his father accepts him.

INSIDE LOVE – dir. Qing Yu

Original Film Title: INSIDE LOVE

Directors Name: Qing Yu

Writers Name: Qing Yu

Producers: Qing Yu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 13 minutes 34 seconds

Film Description: 

After years of marriage, daily life becomes a routine in Wu Man’s life. But, upon moving to the big city from the town she never left before, she starts to hear the clock of life clicking, ane awakes the crucial questions of her own life.

Split Leap – dir. Vasco Viana

Original Film Title: Split Leap

Directors Name: Vasco Viana

Writers Name: Vasco Viana

Producers: Vasco Viana

Country of Origin: Portugal

Country of Filming: Czech Republic

Language: Czech

Runtime: 12 minutes 42 seconds

Film Description: 

17 year old Mika’s dreams of becoming a ballerina in New York, against her overbearing mother’s wishes, are shattered when she discovers she is pregnant. As the clock counts down towards her scheduled abortion, she is forced to call upon the only person who can bring her insurance card in time: her unsuspecting mother.

Smile or Die – dir. Kristin Jakubek, Alena Kroker

Original Film Title: Smile or Die

Directors Name: Kristin Jakubek, Alena Kroker

Writers Name: Kristin Jakubek, Alena Kroker

Producers: Kristin Jakubek, Alena Kroker

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: No dialogue

Runtime: 1 minutes 58 seconds

Film Description: 

‘Smile or Die’ is a dystopian vision of a world in which every smile is forbidden.  Featuring the graduate collection of the Finnish fashion designer Mirjami Nyman the fashion film is questioning the length to which we go to achieve happiness

The Knell – dir. Joseph Osei-Bonsu

Original Film Title: The Knell

Directors Name: Joseph Osei-Bonsu

Writers Name: Joseph Osei-Bonsu

Producers: Joseph Osei-Bonsu, Bevelyn Osei-Bonsu

Country of Origin: Ghana

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 14 minutes 56 seconds

Film Description: 

On his first day at a rural Oklahoman university, a Ghanaian international student with hopes of achieving the American Dream, encounters a beautiful yet mysterious campus tour guide who sends him down a deadly path in which he awakens to discover an American nightmare he must overcome.

Hear Me Out – dir. Marcus Van Altena

Original Film Title: Hear Me Out

Directors Name: Marcus Van Altena

Writers Name: Marcus Van Altena

Producers: Marcus Van Altena, Van Altena Productions

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime: 9 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description: 

This documentary is based on the true life events of Sue Walters, Bill Gibson and Jackson Tait. The narrative explains how Sue and Jackson came to have Cochlear Implants. They recount some life stories and share some enlightening advice.

Spaceman – dir. Paula Suidgeest Alvarez

Original Film Title: Spaceman

Directors Name: Paula Suidgeest Alvarez

Writers Name: Marijn Frijns

Producers: Zhaklin Peycheva, Jelle Bathoorn

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: Dutch, English

Runtime: 23 minutes

Film Description: 

A peculiar young man dresses in a spacesuit, as a way to cope with the passing of his parents, what helps him with his trauma is his chaotic next-door neighbor.

Rat Race – dir. Isadora Cavalcanti

Original Film Title: Corrida do Rato

English Film Title: Rat Race

Directors Name: Isadora Cavalcanti

Writers Name: Amanda Pickler, Anabela Roque, Isadora Cavalcanti

Producers: Anabela Roque, Isadora Cavalcanti

Country of Origin: Brazil

Country of Filming: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 15 minutes 21 seconds

Film Description: 

A man in a suit wanders the streets of the city collecting identities of strangers, until he stops at a disabled factory where strange events make him even more disturbed. His anguish grows as reality and fantasy blend, so that the boundary between the two becomes blurred.

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