FLUX – dir. Cléa van der Grijn

Original Film Title: FLUX

Directors Name: Cléa van der Grijn

Writers Name: Cléa van der Grijn

Producers: Cléa van der Grijn

Country of Origin: Ireland

Country of Filming: Ireland

Language: Irish

Runtime: 16 minutes 44 seconds

Film Description: 

FLUX (film) is about creating a space between now + then. Exploring the dynamism
of emptiness in a realm where time + space are altered. Past, present and future are
considered in the gaps in-between, blurring the boundaries between fact + fiction.
Expressing emotions, ideas + concepts through literal + abstract imagery, through
the creative use of editing + sound design incorpoating Irish Sean Nós song.
Characters emphasise the fragile + emotional states of mankind, with prominence
on dreamscapes + mindscapes. An oneiric land cinematically beautiful +
psychologically disturbing. A world that explores significant topics such as death,
loss, love, isolation + mental-fragility.

New York Minute – dir. Lynn Bianchi

Original Film Title: New York Minute

Directors Name: Lynn Bianchi

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Runtime: 4 minutes 37 seconds

Film Description: 

This work continues Lynn Bianchi’s relationship with New York City and its inhabitants – her home and inspiration since 1968. New York Minute was developed and created during lockdown – the year of loneliness and isolation – yet Lynn never felt lonely because the city was right outside her window – still alive and forever hopeful. A love letter to New York, this work is an abstraction of one day in the city – from dawn till dusk – moments that last a minute, or maybe a lifetime.

Sweet Destiny – dir. Arash Sobhani, Kajeh Mehrizi, Taravat Khalili

Original Film Title: Sweet Destiny

Directors Name: Arash Sobhani, Kajeh Mehrizi, Taravat Khalili

Writers Name: Arash Sobhani

Producers: Arash Sobhani, Hamidreza Safipour

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Language: Persian

Runtime: 1 hour

Film Description: 

The first rock opera coming out of the middle east; Sweet Destiny is the collaboration of KIOSK (pioneering Iranian rock band-The Berlin Daily Newspaper) and various cinematographers based on a historic picture from the late 1800s.

Presence of Absences – dir. Dash

Original Film Title: Presence of Absences

Directors Name: Dash

Writers Name: Dash

Producers: White Hole Studio, fingers.group

Country of Origin: Syrian Arab Republic

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: Arabic

Runtime: 12 minutes 56 seconds

Film Description: 

An experimental theatrical short film about the human revolution within society, from racism and the rule of individuals over the religious and community cover.

Dreaming Shit – dir. Kubilay Mert Ural

Original Film Title: Dreaming Shit

Directors Name: Kubilay Mert Ural

Producers: Kubilay Mert Ural

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: Turkey

Language: Other

Runtime: 20 minutes

Film Description: 

”Dreaming Shit” is an experimental short film which includes one year improvized camera shootings of Kubilay Mert Ural. This direct production gives a chance for non scripted structure in a day dream.

Aurora – dir. James Barany

Original Film Title: Aurora

Directors Name: James Barany

Producers: Philip Barkhudarov

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands, United States

Language: English

Runtime: 6 minutes

Film Description: 

Experimental rotoscoped animation of Aurora as performed by OLGA Vocal Ensemble, Netherlands

The Secret Walls – dir. Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin, Aude Charrin, Jean-Marie Gatin

Original Film Title: Les Barricades Mystérieuses

English Film Title: The Secret Walls

Directors Name: Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin, Aude Charrin, Jean-Marie Gatin

Writers Name: Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin, Aude Charrin, Jean-Marie Gatin

Producers: Pauline Carriot (Les Forges Vives)

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: No dialogue

Runtime: 14 minutes 25 seconds

Film Description: 

(freely inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy)

A theatre in the rain, people outside crowding to get in. A tired man comes through the stage door where a child -the master of the place- has been waiting for him. Engulfed in that theatrical machinery and caught up in the beguiling cogs of time, guided by some unknown force, the man plunges deep into a maelstrom of many faces…

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty – dir. Shila Ommi

Original Film Title: Bidar Sho Zibay-e Khofteh

English Film Title: Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Directors Name: Shila Ommi

Writers Name: Mastaneh Moghadam

Producers: Shila Ommi, Mastaneh Moghadam, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: Persian

Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes

Film Description: 

A psychological drama, following the story of an Iranian-American woman asleep to all of her power and potential, until she receives an invitation that wakes her up from cultural trappings and ‘curses,’ and allows her to come into her power and to finally start living.

Port de Bras – dir. Roman Villevoye

Original Film Title: Port de Bras

Directors Name: Roman Villevoye

Writers Name: Roman Villevoye, Chiron Floris

Producers: Roman Villevoye, Chiron Floris

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Country of Filming: Netherlands

Language: No dialogue

Runtime: 1 minute 39 seconds

Film Description: 

The story of the Fashion is incorporated into the story of the film.
Chiron Floris about her Fashion Collection ‘Port de Bras’
“When I was little I visited my grandparents every week. My grandmother spoiled
me with sweets and my grandfather would take me to his workplace where he
worked as a shoemaker. I remember de loud sound of the heavy machinery and I
can stil smell the leather mixed with glue.
As a child I was fascinated by my grandfather’s profession and as a designer
I am inspired by workwear. It serves as an source of inspiration in my search
for timelessness in fashion. I see it as a challenge to create something
timeless in such a fast moving industry.
With this film I want to make an ode to my grandfather and I will tell a story
about the working man. By collaborating with dancers I want to show the motion
of the everyday life, the freedom of movement and play a game with